Earth Day: Save the Rain Forest!

We are proud to honor Earth Day by supporting the Arbor Day Foundation with a donation to their Rain Forest Rescue® program. Every $10 donated to the program goes toward saving a 2,500 square foot area of rainforest – not to mention the rich plant and animal life living there! Head over to the Arbor Day Foundation’s website to learn about 6 things you can do to help save our rainforests.

Arbor Day

Singing Bowl

Singing Bowl

Singing bowls were originally used by Buddhist monks for meditation and religious ceremonies, and are also now used worldwide for music, relaxation, and personal well-being. Play a singing bowl by striking it or rubbing the wooden mallet along its surface to create a continuous, harmonic sound. Our singing bowl set also comes with a mala for counting mantras, and a plush pillow for the bowl to rest on. [$39.95]

Art Features: Genesis, The Gift of Life

At our last photo shoot, we made a stop at this beautiful mosaic at the Dallas Museum of Art in downtown Dallas.

"Genesis, the Gift of Life" by Miguel Covarrubias

Created by Miguel Covarrubius in 1954, this sixty-foot long mosaic entitled, “Genesis, the Gift of Life” is a Dallas landmark. Per the Dallas Museum of Art, “Genesis is based on an ancient Mexican myth that four worlds preceded the world we currently live in. According to the myth, four principal deities controlled the four elements—water, earth, fire, and air—and each god destroyed the world once using their element. The gods then worked together to create the fifth, or current world.”

Color Craze  Mosaic Fruit Tree

The gorgeous glass tiles made a perfect backdrop for our “Color Craze” themed feature! It’s awe-inspiring to imagine how much work went into placing so many individual glass pieces.

Mosaic Rainbow

DMA Mosaic Backdrop  DMA Mosaic Backdrop

Scenes from the Earthbound Office


Some beautiful textiles in our accessories buyer’s office!

Inspiration Board

She has a great inspiration board too.


Our home goods buyer likes to keep track of the places he’s traveled.


Office Decor

Unique product samples tend to make their way into our office decor!


Flowers from our last photo shoot are drying in our jewelry buyer’s office! Beauuutiful!


No office is complete without some LOLcats. This is a proven fact.