Curiosity Shop: An Interview with the Buyer

“Eclectic, quirky and unique” is how our home decor buyer, Justin, describes the newly launched Curiosity Shop. We’re in love with this collection so we couldn’t wait to ask Justin how it came to be!

Q: Tell us how you came up with the Curiosity Shop collection!

A: “About two years ago we were finding items on our buying trips that we loved, but did not know how they would necessarily fit with our ‘hand crafted / hippie home decor’ vibe we always try and bring across. These items presented a quirky, sometimes dark and mysterious vibe to them that I could not get out of my head. I knew I NEEDED to bring these to our customers.

The idea of a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ is certainly not a new idea, and that was the description that popped into my head. We finally launched our first Curiosity Shop in May of 2012 to very positive results. We then continued with a second round that October that presented the same quirky vibe, but with a dash of Halloween thrown in to the mix. This latest round of curiosities I think is definitely the most successful to date, as well as my personal favorite.”

 Curiosity Shop Window Display

Q: What about this new story makes it your favorite?

A: “This was the first time we really tried to bring strong colors into the mix. The three colorful globes were one of the initial inspiration pieces when putting this third story together. I absolutely love these globes!  From there everything fell into place so easily it was scary!

I also wanted a strong presence of octopus motif. This had been a growing customer request and I knew this was the perfect story to go octopi crazy.  The bird claw metal candle sticks are another personal favorite. And that pewter jelly fish?!? I mean come on!”

Curiosity Shop Jellyfish & Octopus
Q: What do you hope customers take away from Curiosity Shop?

A: “I want customers to feel like they got lost for a second within the ‘cabinet of curiosities’. I want them to do a double take more than a few times. The products echo this feeling and at such a great value and quality.”

Q: What’s next for Curiosity Shop?

A: “Great question! I think there are new stories to tell within the shop. We will continue with our core items that everyone must have always, but will continue to bring in new and intriguing treasures. My personal theme is ‘Expect the Unexpected’.  This is most definitely true for Curiosity Shop! You never know what may show up at your local Earthbound!”


Thanks Justin! Everyone, be sure to check out the result of Justin’s hard work on our Curiosity Shop collection! You can also go behind the scenes on the collection’s photo shoot, or learn more about Deep Ellum, the Dallas neighborhood that was perfect for the shoot!

Behind the Scenes: Curiosity Shop

Take a peek behind the scenes on our recent Curiosity Shop photo shoot in a vacant building on Deep Ellum in Dallas. Formerly the Art Bar & Cafe, this space was perfect for our shoot, with natural light and interesting textures in great supply.

Earthbound Behind the Scenes

Earthbound Behind the Scenes

We just had to clean it a bit first… The asthmatics among us insisted on a run to the drug store for face masks. It was a little ridiculously dusty up in there.

Earthbound Behind the Scenes

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Setting Up

Earthbound Behind the Scenes

There’s always lots of product to organize on home decor shoots! Not to mention lots of product to transport to our location.

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Plants

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Props

Props are essential. What looks like the contents of a Natural History Museum went back home after the shoot with our home goods buyer, but we each got to take a baby succulent home!

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Acupuncture Butts

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Arranging

There may or may not have been a few jokes cracked on set about the new ceramic acupuncture models. What can we say? They have cute butts.

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Light

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Reflector

Being on set always means being enlisted to hold something.

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Jellyfish

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Necklaces

If you’re the only person to show up on set in cute clothing, it may also mean being asked to model new necklaces.

Earthbound Behind the Scenes - Group

We finished the day very dusty, but very happy with the images we captured! Be sure to check out the Curiosity Shop collection and see the fruits of our labor! It’s a ridiculously cool collection.