Now Open in Clearwater, FL!

Today we opened a brand new store at Westfield Countryside Mall in Clearwater, Florida. This is our first Tampa Bay Area store, and we’re so excited to be here! Lucky for you, we have some great deals going on right now, so stop in this weekend for some Earthbound fun!

Countryside Mall Earthbound in Clearwater, FL

PUSHKAR: Kara’s Buying Trip in India

As Clothing Buyer at Earthbound, bi-annual trips to India are highly anticipated. These are week-long trips full of plane rides, car rides, camel rides and lots and lots of walking. On this particular recent trip, we traveled to Pushkar (a short plane ride and a long car ride away from Delhi) to visit with one of our great suppliers for a day.

Pushkar Landscape

That morning we woke up early and hit the road by 7 AM to fit in some quick sight-seeing. We drove through what appeared to be “downtown”, if you can call it that. Our funny driver was apologizing for all of the “anie-malies” that were holding up traffic. We were too busy snapping photos to notice.

When we reached the temple at the main gate to Pushkar Lake, we removed our shoes and stepped onto a balcony overlooking the sacred water. We enjoyed our brief history lesson, learning of Brahma and other Gods. We then partook in a cleansing ritual, repeating mantras and splashing some water onto our foreheads, noses and ears. We made a wish, tossed some rose petals into the lake and continued our short but beautiful tour of the city.

Pushkar Lake

After seeing another temple, we stumbled upon some camels and talked our way into a camel ride. Though brief, we had a blast and our morning was made!

Camels in Pushkar

By 10 AM we were on the way to our supplier’s factory. Once there, we browsed the seemingly endless showroom, pulling sample after sample to add to our list of must-haves.

Kara with Samples

When the model arrived, we made ourselves comfortable with a cup of Chai tea (which may be my favorite part of any India trip) and began the real work. As the model tried each garment on, we snapped photos and made notes on any details we wanted to change; a raised hemline here, a different button there.

Hours later we were ready for a tour of the fabric rooms. We did pretty much the same thing there, pulling any print or fabric type we liked for clothing, purses, or even headbands. We then got back to work creating custom shapes and designs to put into development. Multiple chai teas, some quick henna and 100,000,000 swatches later, the day was over. It was finally time to have a drink and hit the hay to prepare for another long day of work ahead.

Style a Turban with a Scarf

Square Scarf Turban

Rectangular Scarf Turban

Learn how to style these adorable turbans with nothing but your favorite scarf! For this first turban, you can use any rectangular scarf (we have plenty to choose from in our stores).

Rectangular Scarf - Step 1

1. Center the scarf on the back of your head.

Rectangular Scarf - Step 2

2. Wrap the ends high across your forehead and twist them in the center.

Rectangular Scarf - Step 3

3. Wrap the scarf toward the back of your head, keeping the twist in front tight.

Rectangular Scarf - Step 4

4. Tie the scarf tight in the back.

Rectangular Scarf - Finished!

You’re all done! Go out and rock this cute and easy look.

Rectangular Scarf - Side View

It’s fun from all angles!


This next turban requires a square scarf.

Square Scarf - Step 1

1. Fold the scarf in half diagonally. Pick up the scarf at the fold, and drape the middle corner across your forehead.

Square Scarf - Step 2

2. Wrap the ends across your forehead.

Square Scarf - Step 3

3. Twist!

Square Scarf - Step 4

4. Wrap the ends around to the back of your head and tie a knot.

Square Scarf - Step 5

5. Hide the ends by tucking them in.

Square Scarf - Step 6

6. Tuck that remaining bit in front over the twist.

Square Scarf - Finished!

EB Team Spotlight: Margaret at Eureka Springs!

The first in a series of posts featuring EB team members is Margaret, the store manager at our Eureka Springs location. We asked Margaret a few questions so we can all get to know this beautiful lady a little better.

Margaret @ Eureka Springs Earthbound/Romancing the Stone

Q: Describe yourself in ten words or less:

A: “Profound, Brilliant, Just, Powerful, All-Victorious”. Ha Ha, just kidding! That is actually the meaning of the Tibetan mantra that I have tattooed on my chest. I only feel that way after I have been drinking coffee…

Q: What do you love about working for Earthbound?

A: My favorite thing about working for Earthbound is the ability to mentor and encourage growth within my staff, as well as to be mentored and continue my own education and growth. This is a great company for promotion from within and Earthbound has really been able to maintain the integrity and community of the small business paradigm while building the security network of a larger corporation.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

A: My husband and I are buying a small “fixer upper” farm in rural Arkansas. I spend most of my time working on the property, building the garden, helping with the chickens and learning the ropes of farm life (not an easy task!). We currently have 4 dogs, 2 horses, 6 chickens and 5 feral cats that adopted us. We also enjoy going to bluegrass shows in Eureka Springs and I am trying to find more time to commit to art and found object jewelry making.

Q: What song have you been jamming out to lately?

A: I am a big bluegrass fan (anyone else who is should check out the Putomayo Bluegrass collection!). One of my favorite songs is “Alone” by Trampled by Turtles. I also recently starting listening to a really cool band calledShovels and Rope that is really worth looking up.

Q:. What’s your greatest dream in life?

This is a hard one. I really feel like a lot of my dreams are coming true these days. I would love to be able to do more international travel in the future. I would like to travel to Tibet with my mother one day. But my greatest dream is really to be doing what I am doing now, building a great life and family with my amazing husband.

Q: You’re stranded on a desert island. Excluding food, water and means of escape, what three items (one being an Earthbound product) would you take?  

A: I am a bit of a survival nut actually so I take this question pretty seriously! The Earthbound product would have to be our new book “Ultimate Worst Case Senario”, the survival guide that we carry in our really coolCuriosity Shop collection. That way if there was a zombie attack or an elephant stampede I would know what to do! My other two things would be my husband and my dogs (if we can count all 4 as one thing). It would get lonely on the island without them!

Its great getting to share a little about myself with other Earthbound fans (I’m definitely a customer as well as an employee!) and I hope anyone traveling through Eureka Springs, Arkansas will make it down to our shop on Main Street to say hi

How Do You Rock Your Wrists?

In honor of our bracelet sale that launched today – Buy 2 Bracelets, Get 1 Free* – we’re asking how do you rock your wrists? Show us on Instagram by tagging your photo with #ebbracelets, and we’ll feature our favorites here on the blog next week! Have fun with it! Send in as many photos as you like!
(*of equal or lesser value; sale ends August 1st)
A few people got in on the bracelet stacking fun already!

@brennan_abadie  @emivu

@chelseywoolwinemusic  @philip_doherty

[Photos by @brennan_abadie, @emivu, @chelseywoolwinemusic & @philip_doherty

The Pets of Earthbound

We’re super excited about our new Pet Portraits line of 18″ x 18″ canvas wall art! Of course, these are the pets of 4 of us here at the Earthbound office, so we might be a little biased. There’s a bit of a running debate over whose pet will end up on the most walls across the country. What do you say? Which dog or cat is heading home with you on canvas art? Read more about Scarlett, Snoop, Trajan and Cappie to help you pick! At $14.97 each, why not take them all home?


Scarlett - Chihuahua Canvas Art

Scarlett - Chihuahua

Scarlett is a nine-year-old Chihuahua living in Texas, but she’s originally from Florida. She is named after Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the Wind”. Most people call her Scar-Jo, Chi-Chi or Chuppy (short for Chupacabra).

Scarlett loves to show off her toy collection by taking each toy out of its home and then parading it around for all to see. Look but don’t touch though, because she doesn’t do “fetch”! She also loves laying in the sun and rolling in anything that smells bad. Her absolute favorite thing to do is snuggle, especially when there’s a blanket!

Scarlett grew up idolizing the greats like Gidget, the Taco Bell Chihuahua, and Ren, from Ren and Stempy. When asked what it meant to her to be part of Earthbound’s canvas wall art collection and to potentially gain Chihuahua stardom… she paused, gazed up to the heavens, shed a single tear and said, “I guess dreams do come true.”

P.S. Yes, she’s aware she has a giant tooth that sticks out. No, you cannot use it as a bottle/can opener.


Snoop - Cat Canvas Art

Snoop - Cat

Snoop (a.k.a Snoop Doggy Dogg) is an American Shorthair hailing from Austin, Texas. He currently weighs in at 17 lbs and maintains his fighting weight with frequent laser pointer chases. He is 0-4 and his next match is August 1st with the cheeky Russian Blue two houses over.

When not in training, Snoop enjoys the finer points of furniture design and is well-known for his unique, upholstery shredding technique. A Taurus with Capricorn rising, there is nothing better to Snoop than a relaxing night at home with a little catnip.

Snoop is very happy to be featured in Earthbound’s cool, new line of Pet Portraits. On the question of which will sell better: cat or dog portraits, Snoop was quoted as saying, “Plz cee tha internetz. Kthxbai.”

P.S. As you may have already deduced, Snoop Dogg’s name is somewhat misleading. In reality, his favorite rappers are Sir Dzl and Q-Tip.


Trajan - Great Dane Canvas Art

Trajan - Great Dane

Trajan is a middle-aged, blue Great Dane, who would like it very much if you would stop trying to cuddle with him while he sleeps on his twin size mattress. Sleeping is serious business where Great Danes are concerned. Trajan originally hails from Missouri, and his name hails from Rome. At about 150 pounds, Trajan outweighs most of the residents of his home in Suburbia, Texas. He loves resting all 150 pounds on the back of his humans’ legs, and seeing if they’ll collapse.

Trajan spends his days sleeping, waking the humans up very eagerly, having all of his toys stolen by a bully Great Dane/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Gus, sleeping, playing tug-of-war with Gus, sleeping, staring at the very harried cat who stays out of his reach, playing tug-of-war with a human, sleeping, conning the humans into providing belly rubs, barking at potential threats like people walking on the sidewalk, eating, sleeping and grooming his duck stuffed animal (the only toy he won’t allow Gus to steal).

Trajan was asked for a comment on how he feels about his canvas art debut, but he rolled over and went back to sleep. His humans are undeniably excited though.


Cappie - Pekingese Canvas Art

Cappie - Pekingese

Ms. Caprica Liu Chu, aka Cappiechu, aka Cappie is a three year old Pekingese living in Dallas, TX with her owners Joey & Justin. She is quite the happy, fluffy, perky little peke. Her day pretty much is dominated by napping, playing with stuffed toys that look like mice, and chewing on her rawhide bone. She loves to grab the toy mice by the tail and throw them around in the air. It’s really quite entertaining to watch.

We believe Cappie was a cat in another life. She enjoys sitting in the window sill watching everything go by and of course playing with “mice”. Bath time is a real treat because she gets the hair dryer afterwards. That’s pretty much the highlight of the week for her…letting her luxurious hair blow around. You can follow Cappie on Instagram @cappiechu where she is pretty much a big deal.

She is quite proud to be immortalized on canvas by Earthbound Trading Co. and cannot wait to be hanging in every home in America!