PUSHKAR: Kara’s Buying Trip in India


As Clothing Buyer at Earthbound, bi-annual trips to India are highly anticipated. These are week-long trips full of plane rides, car rides, camel rides and lots and lots of walking. On this particular recent trip, we traveled to Pushkar (a short plane ride and a long car ride away from Delhi) to visit with one of our great suppliers for a day.

Pushkar Landscape

That morning we woke up early and hit the road by 7 AM to fit in some quick sight-seeing. We drove through what appeared to be “downtown”, if you can call it that. Our funny driver was apologizing for all of the “anie-malies” that were holding up traffic. We were too busy snapping photos to notice.

When we reached the temple at the main gate to Pushkar Lake, we removed our shoes and stepped onto a balcony overlooking the sacred water. We enjoyed our brief history lesson, learning of Brahma and other Gods. We then partook in a cleansing ritual, repeating mantras and splashing some water onto our foreheads, noses and ears. We made a wish, tossed some rose petals into the lake and continued our short but beautiful tour of the city.

Pushkar Lake

After seeing another temple, we stumbled upon some camels and talked our way into a camel ride. Though brief, we had a blast and our morning was made!

Camels in Pushkar

By 10 AM we were on the way to our supplier’s factory. Once there, we browsed the seemingly endless showroom, pulling sample after sample to add to our list of must-haves.

Kara with Samples

When the model arrived, we made ourselves comfortable with a cup of Chai tea (which may be my favorite part of any India trip) and began the real work. As the model tried each garment on, we snapped photos and made notes on any details we wanted to change; a raised hemline here, a different button there.

Hours later we were ready for a tour of the fabric rooms. We did pretty much the same thing there, pulling any print or fabric type we liked for clothing, purses, or even headbands. We then got back to work creating custom shapes and designs to put into development. Multiple chai teas, some quick henna and 100,000,000 swatches later, the day was over. It was finally time to have a drink and hit the hay to prepare for another long day of work ahead.

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