EB Team Spotlight: Hannah at Gretna!

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We’re overdue for another EB Team Spotlight! This time we’re chatting with Hannah, the rockin’ store manager at our location in Gretna, Louisiana at the Oakwood Center. If you’re vacationing in New Orleans, be sure to hop over the Mississippi and go see Hannah and her crew in nearby Gretna!

EB Team Spotlight: Hanna at Gretna

Q: Describe yourself in ten words or less:

A: A messy, yet happy collaboration of eccentricity and enthusiasm.

Q: What do you love about working for Earthbound?

A: Honestly, everything. I love the products and the customers; I learn something new every day. I love the atmosphere and the energy that is infused into all of my staff; I smile fifty times more when I’m at work than I do anywhere else.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

A: Sleep? I’m actually a pretty big geek. I love playing video games, shooting pool, and watching old movies. I’m really into food; I love trying new restaurants with friends on my off days.

Q: What song have you been jamming out to lately?

A: Anything by Lana Del Ray. I love the bluesy, smoky feel of her music.

Q: What’s your greatest dream in life?

A: My greatest dreams are to travel around the world; I love to learn about other cultures, to explore other places that feel like they are a world away from what I’m used to, and to eat. Eat all the food!

Q: You’re stranded on a desert island. Excluding food, water and means of escape, what three items (one being an Earthbound product) would you take?

A: My dog, of course. I would be extremely lonely without her! Taking a few liberties, and praying to every deity that solar powered energy is available to me, I’d bring my salt stone and my iPod. I don’t think I could survive without music.

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