EB Wallpaper for November

Crisp weather and autumn colors have put us in the best mood. These shots from our Autumn catalog are perfect for continuing that good mood, even while sitting at your desk. Pick your favorite and use the links below the image to download the appropriately sized file for your screen or mobile device.

EB November Wallpaper

Download: 1024 x 768 | 1440 x 900 | 1920 x 1080 | 640×960 Mobile | 720×1280 Mobile


EB November Wallpaper

Download: 1024 x 768 | 1440 x 900 | 1920 x 1080 | 640×960 Mobile | 720×1280 Mobile


EB November Wallpaper

Download: 1024 x 768 1440 x 900 | 1920 x 1080 | 640×960 Mobile | 720×1280 Mobile

EB Team Spotlight: Coty at Regency

t’s time for another EB Team Spotlight! Coty is the stellar store manager of our Romancing the Stone location at Regency Square Mall in Florence, Alabama. Learn a little about this open minded, music obsessed dad, and then swing by his store and say hi! Feel free to take advantage of some of our awesome sales while you’re there.

EB Team Spotlight on Coty at Regency

Q: Describe yourself in ten words or less.
A: A beautiful being by intricate design.

Q: What do you love about working for Earthbound?
A: My favorite thing about Earthbound is feeling like I am apart of something bigger. I love to help people grow, and find themselves. I love being a leader, and continuing to learn myself. Every day here I have new opportunities to learn, and share my knowledge with those around me. I also am grateful to get to work in a place where work is greater than image. Here I can be who I am meant to be and help everyone understand the beauty in themselves and embrace others.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
A: I have to say spending time with my 2-year-old son. I also love anything music (writing, playing, listening). Some people call me a walking mp3 player due to the amount of music I listen to/know about. Also, anything about the Universe is another guilty pleasure!

Q: What song have you been jamming out to lately?
A: That’s a tough question… I can’t say a specific song, but I can give my current top artist/album in certain categories:

Rap: Ces CruConstant Energy Struggles
Rock: Life On RepeatStruggle + Sleep
Electro/Dubstep: ZomboyReanimated
Metal: VolumesVIA

Q: What’s your greatest dream in life?
A: I have to say I have a lot of dreams I would like to achieve, but first and foremost, I want to be a great father to my son. I am so diverse in beliefs and I am not afraid of being who I am, and I just want him to know that it is ok to accept people based on their soul, not their appearance. I feel that I have been given this chance and I want to pass it on.

Q: You’re stranded on a desert island. Excluding food, water and means of escape, what three items (one being an Earthbound product) would you take?
A: I would say I would have to take a fishing pole to relax on the beach and get some delicious sea food! Also, I would bring a fire starter kit for those cold nights, and I think one of the awesome tapestries (maybe the great wave) to have a super awesome hammock during the day and a shelter during the night! I think it would also make a super sweet cape to have during the rescue!

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

We recently started carrying tees from Curbside Clothing, a young company formed by artists in Omaha. We love the wearable art created by these graffiti artists, tattoo artists, graphic designers and more. We’re excited to be selling Curbside’s designs in our 125 stores spread across the country, and can’t wait to see our customers’ response to these unique designs! We wanted to learn more about the story of this company, so we interviewedAdam Hogan, the founder of Curbside.

Curbside Clothing Tee at Earthbound Curbside Clothing Tee at Earthbound

Q: Tell us a little about the history of your company.

A: Curbside is an Omaha, Nebraska based brand that grew from the hunger of world travel, cultural immersion, and a lifelong passion for creativity.

In 2006, I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job and spontaneously purchase a few international plane tickets. After traveling 4 continents and finishing art school, I created Curbside as a form of creative expression. A few months later, with a portfolio of 20 designs, Shane and I launched CurbsideClothing.com from my apartment. After some online growth and pop up shop success, we knew it was time to grow.

In 2011, we opened our Curbside shop in Omaha’s historic Old Market District. Omaha is rich with creative culture and we wanted to show that off. We covered our walls with local art and began hosting events. Eventually we began collaborating with talented local creatives, and a Curbside family began to form. What started as a creative project grew into a community of artists, visually communicating through original art, and using clothing as a canvas.

In 2012, we converted an old bread factory into a print shop and creative studio. This allowed us a space to get our hands dirty and experiment with different design and print applications.

In 2013, we decided it was time to introduce Curbside to a larger market, and since then, our brand has really begun to grow.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Q: What’s the meaning behind your company’s name?

A: While traveling, I was pulled into the culture and local life of every city and town. I constantly found myself drawing in sidewalk cafes, shopping at local markets, waiting in bus and train stops, exploring urban and rural environments; I was always on the curbside. The curbside became the common thread; the pulse and culture of each community.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Q: How many artists and other staff members make up your team?

A: There are currently 7 staff members, 8 artists (3 of whom are staff members), and 6 guest artists.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Q: Do you design and print everything in house at Curbside Clothing?

A: We do all design in-house and print almost everything ourselves. However, when orders get large, we have some good friends with fancy robots.

Q: What’s your favorite Curbside tee that we’re now carrying at Earthbound?

A: I’d have to say “Awake”, by Gerard Pefung, I love the depth and detail of the elephant, plus the explosive colors and street art texture make it jump off the t shirt.

"Awake" Curbside Clothing Tee at Earthbound

Q: Is there a story behind that tee’s design?

A: Born in Cameroon, Gerard grew up being exposed to the rich traditions and culture of West Africa. Symbolizing strength, honor, stability and patience, the elephant is a great representation of who Gerard is, as a person and an artist.

DIY: Funky Fishtail

DIY: Funky Fishtail - add color to your braid!

Our accesories buyer, Kreeli, is the queen of the fishtail braid! We see her rocking one at least once a week. Even though this popular version of the braid is fun in its own right, sometimes it’s nice to spice things up. Read on to learn how she added some color to her braid without the commitment or hassle of hair dye or extensions or any of that nonsense!

Funky Fishtail Tools

What you will need:
-Yarn in your choice of color (we used a funky rainbow yarn!)
-Hairbrush or comb
-Ponytail holder

Funky Fishtail Step 1

Step 1:
Start with hair straight down your back. It doesn’t hurt to have long, gorgeous hair like our accessory buyer’s!

Funky Fishtail Step 2

Step 2:
Pull all of your hair up except for one inch of the bottom layer.

Funky Fishtail Step 3

Step 3:
Separate your hair into two equal pieces. Take the yarn and measure it to the length of your hair.

Funky Fishtail Step 4

Step 4:
Add about 6 inches to the length of the yarn. Then, double the yarn’s length before cutting it.

Funky Fishtail Step 5

Step 5:
Cut another piece of yarn the exact length of your first piece. If you’re using a rainbow dyed yarn like ours, you’ll want to grab a piece from further into the skein for some color contrast.

Funky Fishtail Step 6

Step 6:
Use the brush or comb to tease your hair at the roots. This will help the yarn stay in your hair.

Funky Fishtail Step 7

Step 7:
Securely tie one piece of yarn into your hair on each side, as close to your roots as you can comfortably tie it.

Funky Fishtail Step 8

Step 8:
Pull down another inch of hair and repeat steps 4-8 to have four pieces of yarn tied in hair. You also have the option to go a little crazy with it and add even more pieces of yarn to additional layers of hair.

Funky Fishtail Step 9

Step 9:
Pull all of your hair down. Separate your hair into two equal sized pony tails.

Funky Fishtail Step 10

Step 10:
Separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the left ponytail. Cross it over the top of the left ponytail and join it with the right.

Funky Fishtail Step 11

Step 11:
Separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the right ponytail. Cross it over the top of the right ponytail and join it with the left.

Funky Fishtail Step 12 

Funky Fishtail Step 12

Step 12:
Repeat steps 11 and 12 until you reach the end of your hair.

Funky Fishtail Step 13

Step 13:
Place the ponytail holder at the end of your braid. Voila! Your funky fishtail braid is ready to go. Have fun with it! Try different colors, or add more yarn for an even brighter braid. We love the subtlety of a little color peeking out of the braid, but hey, subtlety may not be your style.

IG Costume Contest – We Have a Winner!

Congrats to @gypsymothsol, also known as Katelyn Demidow, for her winning entry in our Instagram Costume Contest! She’ll be receiving a $100 Earthbound gift card.

Contest Winning Photo by @gypsymothsol

A shout out to our two runners up, @bratch and @wici14 who also created awesome costumes with our masks!

EB Costume Contest Entry by @bratch EB Costume Contest Entry by @wici14

Thanks to everyone else who joined in on the fun! You can check out the rest of the entries here. Keep an eye out for more contests in the future!