DIY: Orange Pomanders & Cranberry Garlands


Pomanders and Garlands

Surprise! It’s your turn to host Christmas! (Or maybe you’ve known for months and just procrastinated! We won’t judge!) But now it’s crunch time and you need to decorate on the double time!

We’re making quick, easy and cheap decorations from grocery store ingredients that will make your home smell lovely through the holidays!



Orange Pomanders-
-3-5 Oranges – For size variety try tangerines or cute little clementines!
-1-2 Tablespoons of whole cloves for each orange.
-Pen or sharpie to mark on orange skin.

Cranberry Garlands-
-1 bag fresh cranberries.
-Embroidery thread – Color doesn’t matter but you may want festive red or green!
-Embroidery needle – You’ll want a larger size – 1-5 for this!


Orange Pomanders-
1- Using a pen or Sharpie, make dots to guide your design. Stars, rings, vertical lines or swirls all look good!
2- Begin pushing whole cloves, stem-first, into your design. Leave just the bud poking out.
We found it was easier to make a general outline of the design first, then fill in the gaps so your lines are as straight as possible. Be sure to take a nice deep breath as you’re working- ahhh! These smell so good!


3- You can leave your pomanders as sitting decor, or tie them with ribbons and hang them! Over a few weeks they will gradually shrink and harden, but continue to smell great!


Cranberry Garlands-

1- Cut a long piece of embroidery thread and thread your needle. Your doubled up thread should be approximately the length of garland you want to make.
2- Gently push the needle through the cranberries lengthwise. Avoid using any soft, squishy, or otherwise sketchy looking cranberries. They should all be firm and red with no black discoloration.
3- As you add more cranberries, slowly pull your threaded cranberries towards the end of the embroidery floss. They can be delicate and if you pull to vigorously the thread can pull through the sides of the berries, so be gentle!

Cranberry Garlands

4- When you have a sufficiently long strand, drape your strand in with Christmas greenery, on your mantle, or above a doorway. Enjoy!

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