Inside the Daily Life of an Earthbound Buyer

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Being a Buyer isn’t just about fun and games…well, ok actually it is! However, it entails a lot of hard work as well. We love our customers and continuously strive to provide them with the best, which means a lot of thought goes into our operation process and how we choose our products.

Now we figured since we can’t give you a tour of our secret lair (for now), we thought you’d enjoy hearing a few of our tips and tricks, and getting a quick peek into the daily life of an Earthbound Buyer. Take a look…

Buyer Bulletin Boards

Often some of our manufacturers will send our buying office swatches of fabrics. This helps us to decide if we really love the feel, color and overall look of a material. It also helps us to better picture how the product will look once it hits stores. With that being said, our office has bulletin boards everywhere!  It’s totally ok though. Having the colors and key images for the season easily accessible is very beneficial, so that when a vendor calls or emails, we know what we’re looking for.

Men's Inspiration Board

This is just a snippet of an inspiration board put together for our Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Line. We will be using it for our upcoming India trip. Inspiration board are great because it helps us to truly visualize the type of look we are going for, and what kind of products we want to offer in store next season.

Pantone swatches

We do a wide variety of product design here in our buying department and its always great to have Pantone color swatches nearby. That way, we can pick out what we love easily! Using a well know source like Pantone also helps us to make sure that there aren’t any communication errors when talking about what colors we hope to have in stores.


We have noted that huge blown out artwork and digital prints are going to be a big thing for spring. This collage is great in giving us inspiration for some great prints and designs of our own.


Can someone say PINspiration? We absolutely love Pinterest. It’s really an awesome tool to spot new trends and find out what is popular among the masses. Knowing what your consumer is interested in and looking for, helps to create a exciting and positive collection for the upcoming season!

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