Curiosity Shop: An Interview with the Buyer

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It would not be summer at Earthbound without Curiosity Shop! In its 4th incarnation, this summer’s story is catching everyone’s eye as they pass by the store. We sat down once again with home décor buyer Justin to find out what curious happenings have been popping up!

Curiosity Shop

Curiosity Shop

Q: What makes this 4th installment of Curiosity Shop different from previous ones?

A: The core of Curiosity Shop is composed of items that make you want to do a double take. Unique, eclectic, strange are just a few words we have used to describe this story over the years. This year is certainly no different!

With this 4th installment I wanted to bring a color pallet of metallics and blues. I have been obsessed with gold all year and knew I had to bring it to Curiosity Shop. That gold skull is one of my favorite pieces! The choice of bringing in different shades of blue was sparked from the love of the octopus. As a motif the octopus has continued to do well for us so I thought it would be great to see some ocean inspired colors brought in to help round out the story.

There also is a small theme of scale. Taking the same item and doing it in a small size and an extra large size. Science and geometric themes play a role as well. From the Galileo thermometer and Fitzroy Storm Glass barometer to those AWESOME geometric candle holders!  Also check out those globes with the metallic finishes! Very cool!

Finally I was excited to throw some textiles in to the mix this year. We are offering four pillow styles that are super unique and that will add some serious curiosity to any sofa!

Curiosity Shop  Curiosity Shop

Q: How do you decide what theme or color pallet to use with this type of product story?

A: The majority of time it only takes one item to set the wheels in motion. This time the metal octopus candle holder provided a great starting point. The color and the motif was perfect! From there my obsession with gold and anything metallic really got the ball rolling.

Q: Now for the question that is on everyone’s mind. What is NEXT for Curiosity Shop?

A: Hahaha. Hmmm…well for next year’s story we will see Curiosity Shop take a trip with Mother Nature. And that is what I will leave you with! Expect the unexpected!!!

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