Bone Blog: Dog for Dog

Since we launched our partnership with Dog for Dog in June 2014, our sales staff have been working hard to get the word out on this wonderful organization. Here’s how it works: For every Dog for Dog treat sold, a treat of equal value is given to a dog in need. Dog for Dog has kept tabs on all of the goodies we have sold and shipped the donation quantity to us. We decided to give our very first donation to the Legacy Humane Society(LHS) in Rockwall, TX on October 16.

Humane Legacy Society

Thanks to our dedicated, dog-loving staff, we were able to donate 10,298 DOGSBARS and 2,124 DOGSTREATS to pooches in need! That’s over $62,000 in yummy, all natural treats ! This is a HUGE accomplishment for our first donation and we couldn’t have done it without our generous customers!!

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Bone Blog: Pet Profile

Cornbread is one of many of Jennifer Langdon’s fur babies. We sat down for a quick chat to learn about the day in the life of Cornbread.


EB: So Cornbread, how did you get your name?

Cornbread: Well you know, everybody loves Cornbread so why not!

EB: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Cornbread: When I was younger, my mom (by the way she is the greatest mom in the world) would take me out on Friday nights for a car cruise. We would walk around looking at old cars and hangout with a pretty big group of her friends. I’d find a chair (yep, I sit on chairs- none of sitting on that hard ground stuff for me) and a couple of her friends would always pick me up a hamburger or two from Whataburger. Man those are great burgers! Now that I have gotten older I like to sleep. When I am not sleeping I like to nap – oh and cuddling with mom is the best feeling in the world! I still occasionally chase a squirrel or two, and I like to bring mom the occasional bird to show her how much I love her.

EB: So would you say hamburgers are your favorite food?

Cornbread: They rank up there, but I think watermelon is my absolute favorite. When mom cuts up a watermelon I stand by her hoping she will give me a few juicy bites. But you know, almost any human food is great, although she doesn’t let me have very much of it. Man if I had thumbs, I would be in the refrigerator helping myself to everything and anything. But she takes good care of me and cooks hamburger meat for all of my meals.

EB: That sounds like one special mom you have.

Cornbread: She is awesome! She took in all of my siblings and I. While I didn’t care for sharing the attention, it was great that she gave all of us homes. You see, we came from some not so good places but she has given us a wonderful safe and loving home. She also makes sure we have good food to eat. (Sigh)… she does travel a lot for work, but she has always had someone stay with us and take care of us. I wish she didn’t have to travel but she calls it “making the dog food money”

EB: So how many siblings do you have?

Cornbread: I have 4 siblings. 3 brothers and one sister. Over the years she has rescued more dogs than I can remember but she kept us lucky five.

EB: What are some things you like to do for relaxation?

Cornbread: I am a pretty mellow dog so I like to sleep. Sometimes mom gives me a doggie massage especially when a thunderstorm is approaching

Cornbread Cornbread

EB: So you don’t like thunderstorms?

Cornbread: No, I really dislike them. I used to be really afraid but mom has assured me that I am fine as long as I stay inside. When she is home she will lay with me, pet me and assure me that we will be ok. When they get really bad she has a special shirt she puts on me that makes me feel much better.

EB: What kind of shirt?

Cornbread: She calls it a Thundershirt. All I know is that it works.

EB: If you could spread a message to the world what would it be?

Cornbread: I would let everyone know that animals do have emotions and feel love, we also feel pain and hate people that are mean to us. I would encourage everyone to rescue a stray or two!