Spring Break 2015

Spring Break is the time off we all so desperately need after those dreary winter months. It helps us recharge our batteries and make that final push through the semester before summer vacation. It reminds us the sun will be out to play for longer hours and we don’t have to wear nearly as many clothes. The rebirth of flowing dresses, shorts, and tanks is exactly what our mind and bodies crave. Plus there are so many opportunities to embrace the boho look!

Pair a hi lo dress like this Black and White Tie-Dye Dress with tons of jewerly. We reccomend mixing metals, like gold and silver, and experimenting with various pops of color, like purple and green. It’s a simple way to make your look uniquely yours – don’t be afraid! Since you’ll be out and about, grab one of our backpacks like thisRibbons and Mirrors Backpack.


Shorts and a tank, what screams Spring Break more than that? We’re kind of obsessed with this ridiculously comfortable Black Yoga Tank with Symbols. The back is open so a pop of skin peeks through, perfect for Spring Break. Throw on a pair of our equally as comfortable Tan Paisley shorts and start accessorizing!

When working with different designs and patterns, look to your accessories to marry the two looks. Again, we love mixing metals so don’t be afraid to break your momma’s rules of wearing ONLY silver or ONLY gold.

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*some styles may not be in all stores at this time. Please check with your local EB to see if they have what you are looking for.

Gemstone & Crystals 101

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Our newest collection of home items sparks curiosity and ignites energy within. Sacred Spaces inspires us to meditate, reflect and improve our overall well-being. Join us as we explore the world of gemstones and crystals.

Gemstones naturally possess their own set of energy levels that can become attuned with your own energies to bring about the intent you want in your life.

Gold Tiger Eye: attracts helpful people and material things toward you.

Provides balance and harmony in your life. Assists in clear-minded thinking and allows the mind to focus. Ideal for use during stressful periods or when important decision making occurs

Black Tourmaline: A very powerful stone for luck and happiness. Rubbing intensifies the energy charge and doubles your luck.

This stone is very effective in protecting against negative energy by converting it into positive enrgy. It is recommended to keep near or on you at all times and in spaces such as a bedroom

Green Aventurine: A positive stone for luck. Carry one in your pocket for such things as playing the lottery to stimulate money energy.

It can boost your chance for success in almost any situation, from a job interview, new date or big test. It is able to achieve this by releasing old patterns and negativity so new ideas and postivity can come through.

Moonstone: A passionate lucky stone for love associated with the moon and the Goddess Diana.

It is recomended to use moonstone during a full moon to gain the full effect. It is thought to be especially helpful for females  

Quartz crystals are extremely energizing and can regulate energy levels. Simply soak them in salt water or hold them over burning incense to cleanse them of unwanted, negative energy. Once you are through with this process, hold them up to the sunlight to restore the energy levels. Roll them around in your hands to activate the energy. Harness your thoughts and focus on what you desire the most, such as forgiveness, inner peace or creativity.

This crystal pendulum can be used as a tool to connect your conscious mind to the subconscious. This can help you make choices that affect your everyday life.

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