Oh the Possibilities!

Just because summer is near, it doesn’t mean we can’t break out a scarf! The scarf we are featuring today is lightweight and comes in a chevron-like pattern with plenty of cool blue hues. Its versatility makes it an easy go-to option when trying to complete an outfit or transition between seasons.

This scarf has a total of three openings: one on each end and one center hole between the models’ hands.

Simply put your arm through the center hole and then through one of the end holes, like if you were putting on a jacket. Then just put the other arm through and voila! A simple and lightweight shawl that can be paired with a tank or dress for summer.


If you’re into the ease of an infinity scarf, place your head through each side of the end holes. Due to the shape of the scarf, the extra fabric will lay in a graduated style.

Or, wear it like a traditional scarf with a single toss of an end over the shoulder.

Dog Blog: Pet Profile on Riley Locke

At Earthbound, our pets are just as much a part of our lives as anyone else. Many of us lovingly refer to them as our “fur babies” and we couldn’t imagine life without them. Check out the interview with our graphic designer Katie Locke’s dog, Mr. Riley Locke.

Nickname: Ry or Mom’s Foxy Man

Breed: Dachsund & Jack Russel Terror…I mean, Terrier…

Favorite Food/Toys: Chicken, paws down! I like any toys with a squeaker in it. I like them SO much, mom has to take them away at night just to get some sleep.

Dislikes: Leashes, small garden gnomes and the vacuum

How did you meet your mom, Katie?

  • My previous owners didn’t really know how to handle my high-spirited nature but they knew Katie and I would be a match made in heaven. So at 5 months, I started training her to be the best human ever.

What are some of your favorite things to do with your mom?

  • Two words – DOG. PARK. Katie takes me at least 3 times a week to get out that ‘pent up energy’ she keeps talking about. Whatever that means.

Does your mom do any weird “human things”? Don’t worry, we won’t tell. 

  • She’s always singing and let’s just say…she’s no Mariah Carey. Oh! AND she is always tapping and looking at that toy with the bright screen. Sometimes she even talks to it! Can you say “CRAZY”? It doesn’t even squeak! Trust me, I’ve tried.

What’s your “guilty pleasure”?

  • Chewing on shoes. There’s just something about shoes that tastes soooo good.

What’s your stance on cats? Love ’em or hate ’em?

  • I would love if one came close enough so I could find out!

If you could meet any dog in the world, who would it be and why?

  • Beethoven, the way he protects his humans is inspirational. Plus, I think we’re close to the same size. I also like that Snoopy guy, he’s one cool pup.

What’s your favorite part about Dog Friday at Earthbound? Have you made any new friends?

  • THE WHOLE DAY!!! Everyone who walks by can’t help but play with me. (Mainly because I make sure they know I am there). As for new friends, I’m meeting tons! My favorite – although I have only seen her once – is Olive. I think I’m in love. She won’t play with me…but I think she likes me back.

What do you want the world to know? Any words of inspiration? Advice? It is a dog eat dog world out there, after all.

  • Well, I personally think those humans should relax more often. You know, feel the wind in your face as you hang out of the car window. Life’s easier than you think it is. And if you find yourself feeling blue, just find something that squeaks. It always makes me feel 100% better!

Get Riley’s looks here and here

Essential Oils 101

We are excited to announce our new line of 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils! Unlike other oils, these can be used topically or in an aroma diffuser. They are highly concentrated liquids extracted from leaves, flowers, stems, bark or other aromatic plant elements.

Why use them?

Essential oils are known to have physiological and psychological effects on the human body. The aromatic scents can have a positive affect on our moods and feelings. Many use essential oils to assist in their meditation and prayer to create a deeper connection. Some oils have a cleansing action, which is useful in clearing toxins in the skin and balancing sebum.

Oils are packaged as individual scents or blends of scents, called “Synergistic Blends”. These blends are created to enhance everyday life and invoke a positive mood. You are welcome to experiment and create your own unique blend or try out pre-blended options, such as “Anxiety Release” or “Sleepy Time”.

Click here for essential oil recipes 

The aroma or scents of a specific essential oil are often categorized in levels of “notes”: Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Base Notes. Levels are determined by how fast the oil evaporates. Top notes evaporate the fastest.

  • Top Notes are fast acting and therefore release an immediate aroma but it dissipates quickly. They are made from flowers, leaves, and flower herbs, which create an uplifting, stimulating and energizing feeling. Recommended for acute conditions.
  • Middle Notes are warmer and softer scents, made from spices and herbs, which creates balance within major systems of the body. It is usually the primary body of an aroma blend.
  • Based Notes are solid, intense, deep-bodied aromas with the longest evaporation time. It can slow down evaporation of other oils and is the last to be smelled in a blend.

How are they made?

Plants, such as lavender, are harvested in a natural and pesticide free habitat. Experts then distill the plants through a steaming process. The plant material is added to a container where it is steamed, releasing the aromatic molecules. The vapor is then condensed from a gaseous to a liquid form. The oil is separated from the water, creating a super concentrated, aromatic, essential oil.

Obsessed yet? Get shopping.

Get More Out of Essential Oils

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 12.56.47 PM

There are a variety of uses for essential oils and they can be tailored to fit your needs. Use them in a diffuser to enjoy the aroma or on your body to create a deeper connection. Since essential oils are extremely concentrated, a buffer or carrier oil is recommended to dispense the scent and positive properties.

  • Many people create their own lotion blends by using an unscented, moisturizing lotion and adding 3-6 drops of essential oils per ounce of cream.
  • Carrier oils such as Jojoba oil, Sesame oil, and Sweet Almond oil are also popular options. These carrier oils are beneficial in controlling acne, and nourishing and relieving itching skin. Generally 5–10 drops per ounce of carrier oil is recommended to create balms or massage oils.
  • Essential oils can be simply added to a bath or bath salts to enhance your relaxation and help you wind down. All it takes is 3 – 15 drops in the tub or 15-30 drops per 16 ounces of bath salts.
  • Create your own room spray by adding 20 drops per 4 fl oz of water (shake well)

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