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At Earthbound, our pets are just as much a part of our lives as anyone else. Many of us lovingly refer to them as our “fur babies” and we couldn’t imagine life without them. Check out the interview with our HR Assistant Michelle Harrenga’s dog, Mr. Loki Marroquin.

Nickname: Well…sometimes mom and dad call me Yoki or Baby Boy, but mostly just Loki. Oh… they do say No a lot, so that might count too.

Breed: I am a big, bad, scary Pitbull!

Favorite Foods/Toys: I love to chew on the chairs in the dining room and steal my sister Bella’s food. My favorite toys are Bunny and Rope, but I’ll play with any of the toys my human brothers and sister leave on the floor for me.

Dislikes: When my water bowl runs out of water! Bella and I drink a lot of water and sometimes Mom and Dad are busy. It’s ok though; I just carry my water bowl into the living room and show them that it’s empty. Mom says sorry and refills it fast!

Known for: Trying to conquer the world! (Evil laugh)

How did you meet your mom, Michelle?

  • Well… my first parents took me to Dads work and showed my brothers and I to him and one of my human brothers. I liked them right away so I made a point to be on my best behavior. Then 2 weeks later I got to go home with them and meet Mom, Bella, and the rest of the little humans! It was a great day!

We hear you have a BIG family! What are some of your favorite things to do with them?

  • Yes! I have 4 human brothers and 1 human sister! We play all the time! I jump on them and lick them all over! Mom says it can be too much love, but I just can’t help myself! We play basketball and soccer and I’m really good at getting the ball when we play catch.

What’s it like having Bella for a big sister?

  • It’s amazing! She’s so good to me. I have to bite her really hard before she bites me back. I love being around her and I follow her everywhere! We do everything together. She doesn’t like to cuddle as much as I do, but if she’s really tired and if I really try to be calm, she’ll let me sleep next to her.

What’s an average day like for Loki?

  • I get up early! I love the morning. I like to sit on the back patio and smell the air for a long time before I want to come in, even if Mom is calling me. I get to play with all my human brothers and sister all day long since school is out! They are so crazy though, that I need to take lots of naps.

What’s the hardest part about being a puppy?

  • People think that I’m older than I am because I’m so big and strong! They don’t realize that I’m still just a baby and only 4 ½ months old.

Since your name is Loki, you must be a huge Avengers fan. Is he your favorite?

  • Yes! I got 2 words for you…World Domination!

You’re still young but you’re growing up fast! What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • When I grow up I want to be coolest, strongest, fastest, bestest looking dog in the world!

If you could meet any dog in the world, who would that be and why?

  • I would love to meet Hulk! He is the biggest pitbull in the world!

You recently debuted as an Earthbone model for our online store. What was that like?

  • It was pawesome! There were so many great dogs to play with and even a cat! I got to play with some great toys and Mom gave me a ton of treats! I can’t lie…all of the attention was intoxicating! I love when Mom and Dad show me my pics on the Earthbound website!

What do you want the world to know? Any words of inspiration? Advice? It is a dog eat dog world out there…

  • Don’t judge a dog by its breed!

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