Simple Scarf Bow

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We have some super creative employees at Earthbound who are always at the forefront on new trends. Patrice, our HR coordinator, took the bug scarf and tied it into a beautiful bow. Follow along below to see how you can get this quick and easy look!


Step 1: Pull your hair back with a stretchy cotton headband. Choose a color that complements the scarf and/ or your hair color.

Step 2: Place the scarf underneath your hair and wrap it to the front of your head, crossing once.


Step 3: Tie a bow just like how you would tie your shoes. You may need to fluff the bow and style it with bobby pins.


Step 4: Tuck the loose ends of the bow underneath the headband. Use bobby pins to secure the scarf to the headband and your hair.

TA-DA! Simple and easy way to transform a patterned scarf into a hair accessory. Let us know in the comments

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