National Dog Day

We looooove dogs. Can’t get enough of their slobbery kisses and puppy dog eyes. We love them so much we even have Dog Fridays at our home office! When Riley (left) joined our team, he instantly became enamored with Ms. Olive (right). You might remember Riley professing his love for Olive on our blog. We’re so happy Riley took the plunge and let Olive know how he really feels. He is truly ‘head over paws’ for her!



At Earthbound we’re also huge advocates of adoption. Olive and Riley were adopted and many of our other dogs at the office didn’t come from a breeder. There are SO many beautiful dogs out there just waiting for their fur-ever family to take them home and spoil them. You’re not only saving money, you’re saving A LIFE! Plus you can find an interesting mixed breed that is just as unique as you! We’re not about being “cookie cutter” with our style so why should we expect our dogs to be?

Meet Lucy, Our EB Foster Pup



So now it is time to meet Lucy, our honorary EB foster pup. She is approximately one year old and was saved from the Dallas Animal Shelter when her time was up. Luckily for Lucy, we have some pretty amazing employees who decided to rescue and foster her until she finds a home. Lucy is an absolute sweetheart, like really. She may look big (and majestic) in some of her photos, but she is soooo cuddly and GREAT with kids. She loves being close to her human friends and likes other dogs too (no cats, please). To top it off, Lucy is potty trained, crate trained, an expert leash-walker AND can sit for a treat.

If you’re interested in adopting Lucy and live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, click HERE. We’d love for a friend of EB to take her home!

Sacred Cleansing

The art of smudging is an ancient cleansing ritual practiced by Native Americans to remove negative energy from a space. The practice is simple but requires mindful intention with each step. Ideally you should smudge your home on a regular basis, just like you would dust or clean it. But if you’re new to smudging then a good time to cleanse is when you move into a new place. This time of year is filled with students transitioning into new homes and gearing up for another year. We don’t want the negativity of the previous owners affecting your studies or relationships so cleansing is important. Also, if you have had an argument with a significant other or friend, then we reccomend smudging the area the fight took place. Purifying your space will not only rid the area of bad energy, but also energize your spirit and mind.

Before we begin, make sure you have a sage bundle, matches and abalone shell. Open up windows and doors so the negative energy can leave (and so you don’t inhale the smoke).


Take a deep breath, think positively and begin by lighting the dried sage. This can be dangerous so make sure you aren’t near anything that can catch fire. Carefully waft the flame to distinguish it. The smoke should continue and now you are ready to begin.

Windows and doors are especially important and require attention. Focus on these areas to cleanse the entrances to your home and to force negative energy out of your space.


Palo Santo incense sticks originated in Peru and began with the Incan Empire. The scent is very uplifiting and will definitely energize your mind after it is lit. Simply light a stick for about 30 seconds to 1 minute and waft or blow it out. Take it around a room to disperse the positve energy throughout your space and cleanse the area.



Gems of Jaipur


These incredibly detailed medallion tapestries hail from the bustling city of Jaipur, India. Jaipur is known for its skilled artisans and colorful creations ranging from jewelry and antiques to textiles and rugs. Each tapestry is screen printed by hand to preserve the intricacies and ensure vibrancy. We’re always excited to share our new finds with our customers and bring a bit of culture into your home.


Tapestries are a diverse textile that can be used in many different ways to fit your needs. Traditionally they’re hung on a wall to easily brighten up a room but they can also be used on a bed or couch to add a touchy of whimsy. It’s a simple way to change up the vibe of a space without spending a ton.


Pair a tapestry with interesting textures, such as these macrame pillows, to create diversity and warmth within your home. The unique color pallettes give us a lot of room to experiment with different hues and styles.


Release your inner child and build a fort inside or out! Make a bohemian fort by linking various tapestries together to create a cozy and colorful space fit for relaxation and meditation. Hang part or all of it in front of a window to mimic a suncatcher. We love how the sun peaks through to illuminate the tapestry and bring it to life.