National Dog Day


We looooove dogs. Can’t get enough of their slobbery kisses and puppy dog eyes. We love them so much we even have Dog Fridays at our home office! When Riley (left) joined our team, he instantly became enamored with Ms. Olive (right). You might remember Riley professing his love for Olive on our blog. We’re so happy Riley took the plunge and let Olive know how he really feels. He is truly ‘head over paws’ for her!



At Earthbound we’re also huge advocates of adoption. Olive and Riley were adopted and many of our other dogs at the office didn’t come from a breeder. There are SO many beautiful dogs out there just waiting for their fur-ever family to take them home and spoil them. You’re not only saving money, you’re saving A LIFE! Plus you can find an interesting mixed breed that is just as unique as you! We’re not about being “cookie cutter” with our style so why should we expect our dogs to be?

Meet Lucy, Our EB Foster Pup



So now it is time to meet Lucy, our honorary EB foster pup. She is approximately one year old and was saved from the Dallas Animal Shelter when her time was up. Luckily for Lucy, we have some pretty amazing employees who decided to rescue and foster her until she finds a home. Lucy is an absolute sweetheart, like really. She may look big (and majestic) in some of her photos, but she is soooo cuddly and GREAT with kids. She loves being close to her human friends and likes other dogs too (no cats, please). To top it off, Lucy is potty trained, crate trained, an expert leash-walker AND can sit for a treat.

If you’re interested in adopting Lucy and live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, click HERE. We’d love for a friend of EB to take her home!

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