EB Spotlight: Brenton & Mia

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Every once and in a while in life we’re lucky to come across a person or couple who radiates positivity. At Earthbound we’re used to having some of the most interesting and unique customers and they keep our job fresh and exciting.  Coming to work no longer feels like “just a job.” It’s more like a family reunion where we get to have a few laughs, catch up on each other’s lives, and learn something new.

We met up with one of our biggest fans, Brenton, and his wife Mia after reading his blog. Before we talk about his love of EB and all things nerdy, I have to talk about how cute this couple is.

Brenton and Mia met in 2014 when they worked next door to each other in the mall. During lunch one day, he was desperate for a microwave and Mia helped him out. He then started to bring her tea, which led to lunch, which ultimately led to him asking her out on a date. He took her to go rock climbing followed by a nice Italian meal. The relationship progressed, and they eventually moved in together. Naturally, Mia succumbed to puppy fever – specifically Siberian Husky puppy fever. (One of the most devastating)

Now this is where it gets adorable and you wish Brenton was your SO (significant other).

Brenton took Mia to look at some husky puppies just for fun – or so she thought. She instantly fell in love with a playful pooch and when it was time to go, Brenton started carrying her to the door. Mia was a bit confused and told Brenton they couldn’t just leave with this dog.

He said they could. He had already purchased the pup without her knowing.

Best. Boyfriend. Ever. Seriously. Now I know why she was quick to give up an entire room in their home so Brenton could make his version of a man cave he calls “Nerdvana.”

Brenton is a self-proclaimed nerd and Earthbound enthusiast. He loves all things nerdy: from books to video games to home décor. In his blog, “The Island of Nerd,” he argues everyone’s nerdy about SOMETHING and encourages his readers to discover their passion and follow it. Individualism and not being afraid to be who you are is a mantra we can get behind.  In his blog entry, “Nerdvana: A Place to Call My Own”, Brenton details his love for color and culture and how it shapes his room. He wanted a place that would feel like a sanctuary and an escape from reality. His walls are lined with tapestries, which allows him to feel a sense of comfort so he can truly tune out distractions and focus on his current projects. Brenton said there is something special about Nerdvana that goes behind the décor. He said it feels different, even smells different than the rest of his house. And this was even before he filled it with candles from Earthbound.

Brenton’s love for EB began while on a trip to Fredricksburg, Texas. Growing up in rural South Georgia, he wasn’t exposed to many different cultures. When he stumbled upon EB, he knew he found something special. He instantly fell in love with the treasures from all over the world and felt a deep connection. For a while, Brenton thought this was our only location and the good vibes of EB had become a distant memory – until Mia discovered our Stonebriar, Texas location.

*Cue Brenton’s mind being blown.*

Today, Brenton and Mia visit our Stonebriar location on a regular basis. That’s how we found out about Nerdvana. Henry, Emily, and the rest of the Stonebriar team keep in touch with Brenton and let him know when new things are coming in that may fit his style. Not only does Brenton love our products, he could not stop talking about how great the Stonebriar team is and how they feel more like family than sales associates. We feel so lucky to have a team that represents our brand so well and customers who appreciate “above and beyond” customer service. It’s not every day you find people who are willing to develop a deeper, human connection in the fast-paced world of consumerism.

After meeting with Brenton and Mia, I took the time to step back and reevaluate my own life. What am I passionate about? What do I care about? And what’s stopping me from taking the next step in my pursuit of nerdiness?

Next time you’re in one of our stores, ask us what products we currently love. And if you stop in Stonebriar, ask Emily for a singing bowl demo and some background history on the meditation tool. You never know what you’ll learn and maybe you’ll discover a new passion.

Stay nerdy, my friends.

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