Hong Kong in a Day

Each winter, EB’s Fashion Product Manager Kara travels to China to troll the country for fresh pieces, artisans and inspiration. For her latest trip, she brought teammate and photographer Emily to capture their day in Hong Kong.

8 a.m. Ferry ride from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island

Kara, EB’s Fashion Product Manager, and the team snagged a ferry ride from Kowloon, known as the Dragon City, to Hong Kong Island. With a full journey ahead of them, they were eager to see what this diverse city had in store

After the arrival in Hong Kong, Kara and the team decided to explore the natural side of this concrete jungle. As nomadic spirits go, the team spent hours hiking through the dense trees and even stumbled upon a breathtaking waterfall. They were a little lost but that’s okay – exploring the unknown is part of the adventure!

9 a.m. Hike through Hong Kong’s Peak

Did you know Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the entire world? You would never know it from the lush foliage.

Once they were able to locate the Peak Tram, they took the railway to the top, or the peak, of Hong Kong Island. From there, Kara could truly observe the divide between Mother Nature and the concrete jungle. It was an incredibly unique perspective.

1 p.m. Taxi to Bakery

With all of the hiking and exploring, Kara worked up an appetite and was on a mission to locate her favorite Hong Kong treat: Chocolate Raspberry Macaroons. Yes, Macaroons are traditionally a French pastry but Kara swears this is the best one she’s ever tasted.

2 p.m. Afternoon Rest in Kowloon Park

Watching people practice Tai Chi in Kowloon Park is very relaxing and allows the viewer to achieve a Zen state. People of all ages gather around to practice this graceful and ancient form of martial arts. It’s almost as if time stands still.

6 p.m. Dinner at Tsim Sha Tsui

A little sweet treat just isn’t enough after a jam-packed day of adventure so Kara took the team to her favorite Dim Sum joint, Tsim Sha Tsui, for some much needed tasty bites and a local beer. Dim Sum is similar to tapas and is perfect for communal sharing.

There are so many things to try: from warm and fluffy dumplings to rice noodles.

8 p.m. Exploring the Night Market

With full bellies and happy hearts, Kara and Kirsten took to Hong Kong’s famous night market for a shopping adventure – the perfect activity for our buyers. The night market doesn’t open until 8 p.m. but there is plenty to watch as the city transforms from day to night. Underneath the glow of neon signs, Kara checked out some of the local finds, from sushi magnets to jewelry.