Our Latest Muse: Rosemari


Have you ever wondered where we take some of our beautiful fashion and home décor pics for our website and in-store signs? We’ve got a super talented team on staff that scouts unique locations, often near the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, to be used as a backdrop.  Finding the right place can be a challenge but if you look closely, there are hidden gems around every corner.

One of our recent campaign shoots took place in a stucco-style 1927 home in Dallas.  This quirky home looks to be fairly average from the street but once you step inside, you’re quickly transported to a different time.

This one-of-a-kind home, owned and designed by the talented Rosemari Augustine, is filled with antique and vintage finds – plucked from down the road or shipped from faraway lands like Afghanistan and England.

One of Rosemari’s favorite parts of her house is the special doors and archways from all around the world. The iconic blue door seen in a lot of our fashion shots on our website is part of the guesthouse and is imported from Afghanistan. We can’t get enough of the ivy perfectly framing the intricately etched door.

“It really is one of my favorite things. I have a spotlight for it at night”



At the top of the iconic blue door is a windowpane she found while poking around at a Dallas flea market. It’s absolutely wild to see what this place looked like before Rosemari added her designer touch.

One of the focal points of her home that truly makes a statement is her elaborate tile fireplace. Floral tiles in greens and blues with pops of pink and red makes you feel like you’re in another country – certainly not Texas. Although these tiles say they’re made in Japan, she originally found them while traveling to one of her favorite places for spiritual education: India.

Rosemari is a magical woman. She embodies everything a strong and creative mind hopes to be one day. Her stories range from opening a bullfight in Mexico to doing mission work near the Nile River in Uganda.

“I was in school down there (Mexico) and had met some friends and one asked if I would like to open a bullfight. They asked if I had ever ridden sidesaddle and I said OF COURSE!”

Rosemari had never ridden sidesaddle before.

“They took me to this house and got the gigantic dress and heavy hat. They said when I get in front of the President, make sure you back your horse out.”


Rosemari is the kind of lady who collects more than just pretty things from interesting lands; she collects memories and experiences too.

Her grandson’s art is featured alongside her collections from around the world and curated as if they were a part of museum. We love how this extravagant and seemingly over the top woman is still a grandmother at the end of the day, and a ridiculously awesome one at that.  Plus, she gave us tea and cookies. She brings new meaning to #grandmagoals for sure.

Another thing we love about this woman (can you say girl crush?) is her desire to continue challenging herself.  Her favorite thing in her entire home happens to be a giant jar filled to the brim with dance shoes.  She’s only been going at this hobby for about 10 years but she loves to waltz and swing.  It makes us wonder what new adventures and hobbies will be on the path for our future-selves; and a reminder to not to limit our dreams, for any reason.

Stay tuned as we continue to chat with inspiring people we come into contact with. All while doing what we love at Earthbound Trading Co.

2 thoughts on “Our Latest Muse: Rosemari”

  1. She is nothing less than fabulous! I love her spirit, and her affair with and love for life. I do believe Rosemarie is a perfect example of; if the Absolute were to have created a human being and said “Live life like this”she would be that human being. You rock sister!

    1. Hey there Tina,
      Isn’t Rosemari magical? We can’t get enough of her energy. So happy to hear someone else loves her style and lust for life as much as we do!

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