Wallpaper for Nomads


We nomads have a hard time staying in one place for too long, let alone committing to a permanent style of décor. So how do we express ourselves on our walls when paint and wallpaper are just that—permanent? EB’s Hailey has the ultimate solution for the spontaneous soul: a starched tapestry. This simple yet impact DIY project works best with a partner. Hailey and teammate Alex hit the studio to show us how it’s done.

1 piece of any lightweight cotton fabric, such as one of our tapestries
liquid starch
push pins or painter’s tape
dropcloth or old bed sheet
paint roller
paint tray
X-Acto Knife
Measuring Tape


1. Handwash fabric in cold water in order to prevent the colors from bleeding onto wall. Lay flat to dry. Iron or steam to minimize wrinkles.
2. Place a dropcloth beneath desired wall space.
3. Wipe down wall with warm water and sponge.
4. Pin or tape the top edge of the fabric to its intended spot on the wall.
5. With your partner lifting the fabric so that you may gain access underneath, begin rolling starch directly onto the wall.








6. Immediately begin adhering and smoothing the fabric to the damp starched wall. If starch dries before fabric has adhered, apply another layer.
7. Once the entire fabric is adhered, roll a second layer of starch over top of the fabric. Colors may appear darker but will fade to normal as the starch dries.
8. Continue to smooth out fabric as it dries.
9. Allow fabric to dry for approximately 24 hours before removing tacks.

TapestryFabric-195-1 TapestryFabric-200-1







*To remove tapestry later, wipe fabric down with warm water as you slowly peel from wall. Wipe down the wall with water to remove starchy residue.

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