Happy National Dog Day from our Two-Legged & Four-Legged Friends

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Every Friday at Earthbound Trading Co.’s home office in Grapevine, Texas, we get to start the party early and bring our furry kids to work with us! After the weekly grind, we’re in desperate need of wet puppy kisses and tons of cuddles to ease us into the weekend. At Earthbound, our pets aren’t just animals with cute faces. They’re a part of the family. That’s why we’re constantly working to bring attention to dogs in need. We know a lot of dogs out there aren’t as lucky as our own.

Charlotte, our Pet Buyer and Divisional Merchandise Manager for Home + Gift, is an avid dog rescuer and foster mom.  When she’s not hopping on a plane or making moves for Earthbound, she’s saving lives, one foster pup at a time.

She and her husband Derek started fostering dogs after her cousin challenged them with one question:

“If I can do it, then why can’t you guys?”

Good question, cuz!

Nearly a year and 10+ adopted dogs later, Charlotte not only accepted the challenge, but made it her mission.

It wasn’t long before their first foster dog, Kelsey, was adopted.

** Cue the waterfall tears **

“It was a whirlwind!”

Charlotte became addicted to the foster mom life. Right now, she fosters for Paws in the City, a Dallas based, volunteer run, non-profit organization focusing on fostering and placing dogs in homes.

Why Paws in the City?

Paws in the City runs completely on volunteers.  There are no fancy executive positions with high salaries.  From the team who picks up animals from shelters and takes them to the vet, to the family who opens up their home, everyone who is a part of Paws in the City truly cares about saving animals. This organization specializes in adopting out sick and “special needs” pets, which can mean anything from diet restrictions to behavioral issues. If a dog is having trouble with basic training or socializing with other animals, Paws brings in – and pays for – rehabilitation experts so he or she can be adoptable.

We were planning on featuring Charlotte’s most current foster pup, Charlie, in our blog, but he was actually adopted over the weekend! This adorable year-and-a-half old Catahoula mix stole the heart of every single person in our office last week.

Although his adoption is bittersweet, because we ALL wanted to take this sweet guy home, we wish Charlie “happy tails” with his new dad!

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer or foster parent with Paws in the City, contact Paws in the City.

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