End of Days: Post-Apocalyptic Fashion for Halloween 2016


The end of the world is here. Are you ready?

Inspired by the post-apocalyptic fashion of Mad Max: Fury Road and the festivalgoers of Burning Man, this arsenal of diesel-punk masks and badass accessories will help you survive the end of days.

Surviving the end of civilization may be a challenge, but dressing for it should be as effortless as Charlize Theron’s bald head in Mad Max: Fury Road. A sure-fire way to get the look is to layer torn and ripped dirty earth tones (like this long olive green jacket) and colors like gunmetal and copper.

Accessories like combat, knee-high or lace-up boots, and leather knit hand warmers are a must-have when you’re stomping through what’s left of the world.

Don’t forget to strap on a functional leather hip pack or swing on a canvas bucket backpack for your gear and tools.

You never know if you’re coming back…

Finish it off with dirty makeup by smearing eye black (like the stuff football players use) over your eyes. Add an intricate ear cuff to add dimension and complete your look.

All masks are available in stores. Find one near you.

Note: In case of a real apocalypse, these masks and accessories won’t save you.

2 thoughts on “End of Days: Post-Apocalyptic Fashion for Halloween 2016”

  1. I needed an idea for Halloween this year and I definitely got one. The couple looks strong and ready for a battle. I love the them!!!

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