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Lotus Love Beauty - Jessica Giving Back

Jessica Gulati, Owner and Founder of Lotus Love Beauty, is our favorite muse, whom we can’t stop talking about. Growing up in Los Angeles with Indian born parents gave Jessica a unique outlook on life, and plenty of life lessons at an early age. As a child, Jessica traveled the world and received a firsthand look at how lucky she truly is. Her mother purposely took her to places like Korea and India to experience poverty and to give back to those who were less fortunate.

Once while traveling, little Jessica was eating a cookie that was a bit too spicy for her liking. She wanted to throw the cookie away, but her mother insisted she walk over to a group of homeless people and ask them if they wanted it. The people instantly clamored for her tiny treat, fighting for this too-spicy cookie. Her worldview was never the same.

“Hook people up! Help lift people up! It will fill your soul more than your bank account ever will.” –Jessica Gulati

Today, Jessica still travels to places like India on a regular basis to give back – and do some shopping too. All of the oils Jessica uses in her products are from the exact same Ayurveda store her grandmother frequented in India.

That’s right – the oils that have been used for centuries for holistic healing in the East are now a part of the invigorating, handmade products we have in our stores. Even the little red prayer thread and bell tied at the top of the bath salts and body oils come from a temple in India.

All of the Lotus Love Beauty products are handmade to order in her 5-woman shop in sunny San Diego. Jessica doesn’t even begin to make a batch of her 100% vegan holistic goodness until Charlotte (DMM) places her order. It’s that natural.

When Jessica isn’t making orders for celebs like Julia Roberts, Diane Sawyer, and the DJ known as Diplo (Yes, we totally just name dropped.), she’s pouring her soul into the Shanti Project. Shanti means “peace” in Hindi. The Shanti Model is based on easing the burdens of those less fortunate, while accepting and empowering them. Jessica lives by a model based on empathy and mutual respect. She doesn’t really believe in promoting her charitable deeds. Her mother taught her when she was young,“the left hand shouldn’t know what the right hand is doing,”meaning she shouldn’t gloat or advertise about giving back. 

Julia Roberts
Oprah Magazine

Although Jessica is a very down-to-earth human who constantly does more for others than herself, she is not someone to be messed with. Since she was a young girl, she’s spoken up for her beliefs and fought for her right to have an opinion and to be heard. Today when she travels to India, she garners respect from the men around her, an unusual scene in the Indian culture. She stands up for those who don’t have a voice and is the first to jump in when things go wrong. Jessica credits her parents with allowing her to speak her mind. Because of their encouragement, Jessica is able to make a huge impact on other peoples lives – and no one can stop her. We are so in love with everything this woman stands for.

“We’re all the same. We all bleed red” – Jessica Gulati

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