Boho Porch Makeover with Laura Mazurek

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Oh. My. Stars. Have you seen Laura Mazurek’s Boho Porch Makeover? It’s a little slice of mix-and-match, earthy, boho heaven right on Laura’s back porch in Texas Hill Country.

Hand Woven Southwest Pillows & Multicolor Striped Throw

If you don’t follow Laura on Instagram, then you definitely should check out her Instagram account as well as The Bohemian Collective. The Bohemian Collective is a website and print magazine for the creative mind, featuring everything from fashion lookbooks to sacred nesting and soulful living. Laura definitely knows how to set the mood with her photography, and we love getting to peek inside her world through her lens.

We were lucky enough to collaborate with her on her most recent project, The Boho Porch Makeover, and the results were magical! Imagine sandwiching yourself between those Hand Woven Southwest Pillows, listening to the rain and relaxing with good company. The natural textures and earth tones mixed with pops of color really give this space a warm and welcoming vibe.

mandala tables
Rustic Arrow Planter, Hand Carved Mandala Tables and Salt Stone Tea Light Holder
Since Laura is such a uniquely creative soul, we had to ask her a few questions to find out more about the woman who does it all…while raising a beautiful baby girl.

EB: We love to get lost in your mysterious yet inviting Instagram world. Have you always been a photographer/ documenter?

LM: Mysterious yet inviting, what a fun description of my Instagram feed!  Thank you so much.  I have loved photography for as long as I can remember.  I think my passion really formed in high school when I took a photography course and learned to develop my own photos in the darkroom.  I got so into developing photos my parents actually turned one of the closets in our house into a darkroom for me to really explore my love for photography.  I think having the background in film really stirred my passion for it, even though I pretty much only shoot in digital now.  I could spend hours with my camera though.  I love being able to capture stills from my day-to-day life, as well as creating beautiful imagery through noticing light, composition and color.


EB: What do you enjoy most about the creative process?

LM: The process is where it’s at.  I mean I love to get to the end result of any creative project to see it come alive, but the process is where the magic happens.  When you are hit with a spark of an idea, the process of alchemy that often happens is so fun to experience.  Whether it’s transforming an image, decorating a room, creating a piece of jewelry or clothing, or bringing together a bunch of artists that you admire for so many different reasons, all together in the pages of a magazine. The pulling together, gathering, dreaming, doing… it’s kind of like your brain fires on something and then your body just follows its lead and starts to work on building the flame.

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Rustic Arrow Planter & Salt Stone Tea Light Holder

EB: How do you juggle being a creative entrepreneur and the day-to-day life of raising your adorable little girl?

LM: I honestly thought that as soon as I had a baby all my creative ideas would have to stop.  I was so wrong!  I feel more inspired than ever before now that she is in the world.  I think the key has been having priorities when she is asleep.  Those change from day to day, and sometimes my priority is taking a shower or eating lunch, not working on a project.  But I have this deep impulse to be spontaneously creative and I take advantage of it when I can.  So, if I happen to be in the middle of cooking lunch, and my babe is asleep, and I look over and notice the light catching something in just the right way, I will stop what I’m doing and photograph it.  Ha-ha! I also know that towards the second half of the day she will need my attention more, so I try to do as much as I can early in the day during her naps.  Days that I’m feeling overwhelmed, simply making a list really helps.  Deciding what is most important and doing that first, and so on.  Checking things off the list feels so refreshing and keeps me on track!

The+Boho+Porch+Makeover+at+bohocollective (2)
Hand Woven Southwest Pillows & Multicolor Striped Throw

Laura’s creativity seems to ebb and flow so effortlessly. We love how she lives in the moment, taking everything day by day.

If you want to see more of Laura’s Boho Porch Makeover, make sure you check her out over at The Bohemian Collective, and don’t forget to follow her @lauramazurek and @bohemiancollective.

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