[CONTEST!] From Earthbound → Entrepreneur: A Colorful Journey

hailey_alexeditEarthbound team member and creative butterfly, Hailey Lynn Glass, published her first ever hand-illustrated, hand-bound coloring book entitled, Butterflies, Flowers & Weirdness. We sat down to get an exclusive look into this creative girl’s mind to find out how she ended up on this path and what inspired her to take on the world of coloring.

Hailey’s been everything at Earthbound, from key holder to buying intern to merchandise coordinator and stylist. Her ability to dabble a little here and a little there in a wide variety of roles not only makes her a great employee, but a great artist too. From the time she was little, she was getting her hands in and on everything and anything.

On Growing Up Weird:

“My creativity was one of my first defining qualities, besides being stubborn. ha ha! I was an only child and had a lot of time alone to develop my own creativity without a lot of input from the outside world. They (my parents) always let me dress how I wanted and even let me draw on the walls too!”

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On Pencils Being Lazy:

Over time, Hailey’s artistic style evolved into the same flowing, bold lines as seen in her coloring book. Her iconic style didn’t just develop overnight though, she practices A LOT and leaves no room for error.

“In general, I don’t use pencils to sketch out what I am going to draw first. I find it more challenging and rewarding to go straight to the page with a marker or a felt-tip, pen because it forces me to be more thoughtful with each line. When I use pencil, it’s lazy. You’re giving yourself all of these chances to erase and fix your mistakes.”


On Creative Juices:

If you know Hailey personally, it’s no surprise this quirky and creative soul works at Earthbound. Her coloring book is unique, filled with flowing mandalas, bold butterflies and friendly animals. It’s unlike many of the mass-produced coloring books out there.

“I really wanted to make something that I wanted to color. I couldn’t validate spending money on a coloring book when I could just create one. My style lends itself to that. It’s really intricate with bold lines.”


And that’s just what she did! Nearly 6,600 folded pieces of paper, 12,000 coloring pages, 6,000 handmade perforations, and 1,800 staples later, Hailey has officially created and printed her very own coloring book. To say it was a labor of love is an understatement.

The journey to completion wasn’t easy. Some days she was filled with inspiration and other days she wasn’t. When nothing seems to be coming out, she calls on Mother Nature to help.

“I go outside. It helps keep me sane. In general, my art is heavily inspired by nature. The colors, the subject matter and the lines.”

On Being an Entrepreneur:

At first glance, Hailey appears to be a carefree hippie child whose productivity ebbs and flows with the wind. But if it weren’t for her commitment to her craft, she wouldn’t have her coloring book up for grabs all throughout the nation. So what’s a creative soul to do?

“Just go for it! Stop trying to be perfect. There is time to refine and build as you go. Trust your creative instincts and listen to the ideas that come to you. I believe that if you don’t, then someone else will.”

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Contest Time: Win $100 to EB!

Inspired yet? Get your creative juices flowing by downloading Hailey’s FREE PDF below, coloring it, and uploading it to Instagram by tagging @earthboundtrading and using #earthboundtrading AND #wildgarnetcoloring .

Last day to post on Instagram and enter is Thursday, December 8, 2016 for a chance to win a signed copy of Butterflies, Flowers & Weirdness, and a $100 Gift Card! Winner will be announced on our Instagram (@earthboundtrading) on Friday, Dec 9, 2016 and contacted via direct message.



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