Muse of the Moment: Sam Lao


Artist. Alchemist. Outlier. Singer. Rapper.


Why We Love Her

Sam is a Dallas based rapper and a creative force to be reckoned with. She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

We love her fierce confidence, wise insight, and strong goddess energy. Her style is fluid, morphing and changing to fit the moment. She’s unapologetic about who she is and what she wants out of life. And to top it all off, she just snagged all five categories she was nominated in for Dallas Observer Music Awards, including Best Album and Best Song.

Photo Courtesy of Sam Lao

Sam has a strong artistic history. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications from The University of Texas at Arlington and she uses her background everyday while developing her brand experience. Unlike many musical artists who may only focus on their music, Sam thinks about creating a cohesive look, from her wardrobe to her print graphics and her music video. When she’s not working on her craft, she spends time cultivating her creative juices other ways, like through painting and sculpting.

Check out what Sam has to say about staying creative, her personal style and staying true to herself.

1. How do you stay creative?

I’m a Gemini and can be kind of flighty. Having so many different mediums keeps me grounded and sane. All of these things I make with my hands literally took a part of my life to create. I want to leave some sort of lasting mark and I think that’s what constantly makes me want to do something. I have to leave something behind. Sometimes I want to be recording; sometimes I’d rather be painting. I sort of fluctuate between all of them. It just keeps me happy.

2. Coming from an industry that is known to be flashy, how do you stay grounded and true to yourself?

At the end of the day, it’s remembering you’re human and reminding yourself to not drink your own Kool-Aid. When I’m feeling really insecure, I’ll trick myself into feeling more confident by doing the whole ‘fake it ‘til you make it or until you believe in yourself’ thing. I think that’s totally okay because that’s just who we are as humans. But there’s also that little precipice at the top where if you go over, it’s like “DUDE. Chill. Out. You need to cut the ego back”. It’s about finding that happy balance. As long as I’m happy and my family is happy, I’m good.


3. What kind of advice do you have for the women out there who are struggling to feel good in their skin?

I love this resurgence of feminine power. Where women are like, ‘You know what? I don’t care what your ideals are. This is what works for me as a human being, not just as a woman”. It’s about embracing this goddess energy and still being a total badass who just happens to have a vagina. Even when I’m feeling insecure, I try to remember it’s okay to be emotional sometimes. I feel like as women, we’re not allowed to be emotional because it is seen as this negative thing. I think it’s possible to be both strong and show your emotional side. I want other women – whether my age or older – to see it is okay to be like that. It’s okay to have this balance and to be who you are unapologetically.


4. How do you describe your style?

I like a lot of variety! I wouldn’t say there is one particular style I stick to. Depends on my mood, the situation and how extravagant I want to be at that exact moment. I think that’s a great way to treat your style. Be fluid with it. If it looks good, then it looks good! It doesn’t matter if it’s for your boyfriend, or your husband, or your dog. If you can make it work, then Make. It. Work! And kill that shit! Your clothing is kind of like your armor. Might as well put on something you like.


5. What advice do you have for other fresh creatives out there who want to get started?

Be unapologetic about what you like. Be mindful of what’s going on and be aware of trends, but don’t feel like you have to conform. At the end of the day, YOU more than anyone has to be happy with what you’re creating and what you’re leaving behind. You should have control of your legacy. Make sure you inject as much of yourself as possible into it.

Follow Sam’s creative adventures on Instagram: @samwiththehair 

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