Touch A Life X EB: Empowerment Through Mud Cloth


Daniel, Faustina, Forgive, Janet, Happy, Ebenezer, Lydia, and Patience completed their first round of Hand Sewn Mud Cloth Bags at the Life Academy Sewing Collective in Accra, Ghana, and we’re so excited to be a part of their global launch!


Your purchase directly impacts their future, and shows them anyone can turn their life around with hard work and the help of a community.

50% of sales from the Mud Cloth Bags (and Batik Fabrics) go directly back to the students at the Life Academy’s Sewing Collective. When you buy a handmade Mud Cloth Bag or Batik Fabric, you’re doing more than just getting a textile. You’re giving a young student the opportunity to do something with their life, to become something.

What is Mud Cloth?


Mud cloth, also known as Bògòlanfini, is a traditional Malian textile handmade from fermented mud. Each textile has a deep connection to a Malian community and tells a mysterious story. For centuries, artists have been leaving behind their stories in the fibers of mud cloth, often keeping the message and symbolism a secret within the family. This is why it can sometimes be hard to decipher the exact meaning of the geometric symbols.

Eunice’s studio with a focused Ebenezer


The mud cloth and leather used to make the bags are purchased at the local design district. With the help of Eunice, a local seamstress and small business owner, the student artisans work as a team to create these one-of- a-kind bags entirely by hand.



Once a week, the student artisans go to Eunimak Fashions Headquarters where they learn the ins and outs of sewing, from conception to creation. They are able to develop professional skills, like time management and teamwork, while learning a useful and marketable trade.


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Touch A Life X EB: Empowering Together


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Photos Courtesy of Nancy Borowick 

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