Current Crush: Moon Mirror Rose Luster Bowls


This month we’re totally crushing on our collection of Moon Mirror Rose Luster Dinnerware from Turkey! This eye-catching collection was inspired by the awe and wonder of the vast world above us.

Think Arabian sunset meets the surface of the moon. The result is a magical collection filled with the wonders of the evening sky.


The most multifunctional piece of this collection has to be our Moon Mirror Rose Luster Bowl! Not only is this iridescent beauty perfect for slurping on a midnight bowl of cereal, but its size and shape make it a versatile piece for just about anywhere in your abode.


As a jewelry holder…

Use a group of bowls in a drawer or on top of a vanity to organize tiny treasures, like jewelry or pins.



As a candle holder…

Fill it with pink Himalayan sea salt and a tea light to add a desert glow to your space, similar to the magic of a salt stone.


As a fragrance holder…

Wouldn’t it be nice to stumble into your bathroom in the morning and feel like you just woke up at a spa in a faraway land?

We know that’s probably a stretch, but we can pretend….


Simply add fresh lavender to the bowl for an easy way to bring a relaxing scent into your bathroom. Or put it next to your tub, fill it with essential oils and bath salts, and enjoy a relaxing spa night with the most deserving person in the world…YOU!


What are some other unique ways to use this Moon Mirror Rose Luster Bowl? Let us know your creative ideas in the comments!

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