Muse of the Moment: Cara White


Cara isn’t new to the nomadic lifestyle. In fact she was born into it and molded by it. Since she was a little girl, Cara traveled all around due to her parents’ jobs. Her dad, a pastor, her mom, a classically trained musician who toured everywhere from Aruba to Turkey. The result? A super spiritual child with a love for humanity and a soul for music and all things creative.

“I’m used to moving around and I feel like it allows me to embrace life and live in the moment.”


Cara’s go-with-the-flow personality, laidback, yet go-getter attitude is so apparent in all corners of her life. As a young child, Cara began expressing herself with her accessories and clothing.

“My mom would tell me stories about me wearing a super sequined vest and I would never take it off. I’d throw it on with everything; I’ve always been this weird and creative child. But now I am just this creative and weird young adult!”


And there’s nothing wrong with that. Cara’s personal style is all about the throw-it-on-and-go lifestyle. She doesn’t get wrapped up in trends and prefers a more comfortable and relaxed look.

“This makeup artist at one photo shoot told me I was very dumpster chic. You know he had good meaning behind it, so I said, ‘Oh hey! Thanks!’ Throw it on and go. As Tim Gunn would say, ‘Make it work!’”And make it work she does. Cara’s been blessed with many talents, from music to art to modeling. However, it didn’t come without relentless dedication and constant effort on her part. While attending The University of North Texas, she joined Channel X, a group of talented artists and producers who work together to hone their creative process.

“Channel X helped build my confidence. I see my peers, my friends, the people I value and cherish, going after their dreams, going after what sets their heart on fire, with no fear. Even if there is fear – ‘cause we’re still human – they’re still going after it.”


“Being around that collective and that environment, I would literally see myself grow. It helps me connect better with my creative process, being in that element”


“Life’s not easy. You got to work. The passion behind it makes it easier to move forward.”

Passion. The driving force between all successful entrepreneurs and creative souls. Art and music can be so subjective, that if the artist doesn’t have emotion behind them, it all seems to fall apart.

“I love the freedom that music gives. It really frees my soul. I constantly connect with music, no matter what it is. Even if I don’t listen to the words, the conversations that the instruments have with each other, has always been intriguing to me. It’s just like an energy power up. It propels me to go forward. I feel like I am the avatar and the music is my noble steed.”


“Even seeing other artists and their journeys and initial projects, and where they are now, it’s just a beautiful blossoming music provides. I fall in love with it every single time, like a new love every single time.”


Here’s to us all finding our sense of worth, passion and dedication to the things and people we love.


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Follow Cara’s musical journey on IG: @soleilsoleilx

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