Art Features: Genesis, The Gift of Life

At our last photo shoot, we made a stop at this beautiful mosaic at the Dallas Museum of Art in downtown Dallas.

"Genesis, the Gift of Life" by Miguel Covarrubias

Created by Miguel Covarrubius in 1954, this sixty-foot long mosaic entitled, “Genesis, the Gift of Life” is a Dallas landmark. Per the Dallas Museum of Art, “Genesis is based on an ancient Mexican myth that four worlds preceded the world we currently live in. According to the myth, four principal deities controlled the four elements—water, earth, fire, and air—and each god destroyed the world once using their element. The gods then worked together to create the fifth, or current world.”

Color Craze  Mosaic Fruit Tree

The gorgeous glass tiles made a perfect backdrop for our “Color Craze” themed feature! It’s awe-inspiring to imagine how much work went into placing so many individual glass pieces.

Mosaic Rainbow

DMA Mosaic Backdrop  DMA Mosaic Backdrop

Scenes from the Earthbound Office


Some beautiful textiles in our accessories buyer’s office!

Inspiration Board

She has a great inspiration board too.


Our home goods buyer likes to keep track of the places he’s traveled.


Office Decor

Unique product samples tend to make their way into our office decor!


Flowers from our last photo shoot are drying in our jewelry buyer’s office! Beauuutiful!


No office is complete without some LOLcats. This is a proven fact.

Fair Trade Pocket Discs

Pocket Discs

These Fair Trade crochet discs are so much fun to toss around, and their sale supports the livelihood of Mayan women in Guatemala and Mexico. Pocket discs are 100% cotton and available in myriad colors and patterns. Great for disc golf or ultimate, pocket discs are also safe for throwing indoors; they won’t damage your walls or decor! [$9.95 each]

See the pocket disc in action!

Mighty Wallets!

The Mighty Wallet is made from a single folded sheet of a water-resistant microfiber material. Super strong, super durable, and super thin, this wallet has so many storage areas that expand to fit everything you need to carry! You can feel good about carrying this innovative wallet; it’s recyclable and made from 25% post-consumer material. Also, the designs are ridiculously cool. $14.95 each.

Mighty Wallets

PBJ, Superman, Batman, and Ron English Half Dollar Mighty Wallets.

Mighty Wallets

3 Ring Binder, Music Sheet, Airmail, and NYC Subway Map Mighty Wallets.

Snapshots from a Buying Trip to NYC!

We recently headed up to New York City for a buying trip. We visited showrooms, street vendors, and a great trade show at the Javits Center. We saw so many exciting things and gathered information for some awesome new lines! We can’t wait to get them into our stores.

Javits Center

Happily, we got to see a little bit of the city in between meetings. Love the graffiti in Brooklyn!



We encountered a bit of snow in SoHo.

Soho Snow

The NYC ping pong phenomenon is great. Maybe we can add a ping pong table in our office?

Ping Pong

We saw some of the big landmarks and cool architecture that the city offers.

Flatiron BuildingTimes Square

Brooklyn Bridge


Empire State Building

Of course we had to fit some eating in there somewhere too. The diet root beer totally makes up for the cupcake, right?!