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Happy National Dog Day from Our Two-Legged and Four-Legged Friends at EB!

Every Friday at Earthbound Trading Co.’s home office in Grapevine, Texas, we get to start the party early and bring our furry kids to work with us! After the weekly grind, we’re in desperate need of wet puppy kisses and tons of cuddles to ease us into the weekend. At Earthbound, our pets aren’t just animals with cute faces. They’re a part of the family. That’s why we’re constantly working to bring…

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Travel Tips with Tabitha

At Earthbound Trading Co., we employees practice what we preach. We are true nomads at heart and have a thirst for exploration and adventure.  When we’re curious about traveling to a new land or planning a getaway, we don’t just hit up Google. We call up our in-house experienced explorers, like District Manager, Tabitha Britton.  Tabitha, or Tab for short, embodies all things EB. She’s a free spirit…

Wallpaper for Nomads

We nomads have a hard time staying in one place for too long, let alone committing to a permanent style of décor. So how do we express ourselves on our walls when paint and wallpaper are just that—permanent? EB’s Hailey has the ultimate solution for the spontaneous soul: a starched tapestry. This simple yet impact DIY project works best with a partner. Hailey and teammate Alex hit the studio to show…

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Free Coloring Book Page from WildGarnet!

HAPPY NATIONAL COLORING BOOK DAY! Get your color on with this FREE printable download from our very own Merchandise Coordinator and Jr. Stylist, Hailey Glass! This creative chica hand illustrates these weird and beautiful coloring book page for WildGarnet. Check out her Etsy page and get 20% OFF until Aug. 3, 2016 with coupon code WILD20 at checkout. Follow her on Insta: @lynnhailey   RIGHT…

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Non-Toxic Essential Oil Bug Spray that Actually Works

Bugs and mosquitoes. The inevitable accessory of summer we could all do without. Why Mother Nature gifts us these creatures - we have no idea. But as we enjoy the outdoors, we're bound to get up close and personal with these little guys, whether we like it or not. Whenever we go outside, it's a good idea to lather up with bug repellent. Between West Nile and the looming Zika virus, mosquitoes are…

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Our Latest Muse: Rosemari

Have you ever wondered where we take some of our beautiful fashion and home décor pics for our website and in-store signs? We’ve got a super talented team on staff that scouts unique locations, often near the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, to be used as a backdrop.  Finding the right place can be a challenge but if you look closely, there are hidden gems around every corner. One of our recent campaign…

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Taste of Turkey: Homemade Kısır

They say a way to a person's heart is through their stomach and our Turkish friend Hulya chartered a non-stop flight to flavor town. Hulya, a long-time friend of our Director of Online Sales, was born in Adana, Turkey and moved to the U.S. in 2001 after meeting her now-husband who was on assignment in Turkey.    She showed us a really simple AND fresh dish perfect for summer called Kısır (kus-UHR').…

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