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Got old tee laying around? Or maybe ones that are just too big? Summer is a great time to break out old tees and get creative. We used our Krazy Krinkle T-shirt but anything should work. Vintage tees with a cool logo are always a favorite choice as well.

What you'll need:

-Aweseome t-shirt, at least a size up than you usually wear

-Tank top for reference


-Marker or pen


Let's get started:


Step 1: Lay the t-shirt down inside out, front side up and place the reference tank on top of it.

Step 2: Use the pen to mark the depth of the neck line and outline the arm holes. It doesn't have to be the exact same size as the tank, just use it as a reference.



Step 3: Cut the neck out of the shirt by following your pen marks. It may be easier to cut the front of the shirt and then the back. Cut the arm holes out too, but do both sides at the same time.

Step 4: Save one of the sleeves! Open it up and lay it out. At this time you can also turn your shirt right-side out.



Step 5: Open up the sleeve and cut two 1" thick strips along the seam side (the side that is more straight, less curved). Luckily we have another sleeve if you mess up!

Step 6: Take the first strip and tie it over the two straps of the tank. Continue to criss-cross the tie down.

NOTE: Make sure you look at where you are starting. This determines how deep of a neckline you'll have.



Step 7: Knot the second strip directly on top of the end of the first strip and continue down the tank. When you're done, tuck the knot behind the straps and the loose ends into it.

Step 8: Try it on and check out! Wear it over a bandeau bra or sports bra to create a look that fits your style.


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