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Find your Edge with Yoga Props & Accessories

Yoga props and accessories enhance your practice by improving flexibility and alignment. No matter your skill level, these little additions can make a world of difference and help you find your edge.

What does it mean to find your edge?

To push your body just enough so that it's a challenge but not too much that you have difficulty controlling your breath or are at risk of injuring yourself.

Here are a few props and accessories to help you out on your yoga journey:



Yoga socks and gloves can be used with or without a mat for a more hygienic practice. The socks and gloves allow your toes and fingers to spread out and connect with the earth below for better balance and control. The silicon grips below the gloves and socks help with stability and provides a less slick surface if you sweat during your practice. Need a little extra help? These are perfect for keeping you grounded while you try out a new challenging pose, especially if you're feeling adventurous and doing it outside!



Yoga blocks may seem like just a glorified box, but this 3 dimensional object can do wonders for your practice. Every body is different and some poses may be more difficult for others. A yoga block guarantees proper alignment, even if you lack flexibility. It helps you do a posture the correct way so when you're ready to add the next layer, your body will be ready - and willing -  for the challenge.


A yoga strap is a must-have for improving flexibility and range of motion. We often have one side of our body that is more flexible than the other and a strap can help us achieve a more "even" flexibility by deepening a stretch. A strap is also useful in maintaining a posture for a longer period of time.

Remember, yoga is about the journey - not the destination. There's a reason why it is called a "practice". Each day brings a new set of challenges. You'll never perfect a pose. You'll only grow within it.


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