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Besides posting our own photos on Instagram, we always love seeing the great photos that our customers have tagged with #earthbound! Here's a handful of our recent favorite photos. If you'd like a chance to see your own photos on the EB blog, try tagging your Earthbound photos too!

@sylvia_schmidt_730  @trentinja

Photos by @sylvia_schmidt_730 & @trentinja

@abbyjneese  @mycastlewalls

@abbyjneese & @mycastlewalls

@tothinkistoexist  @jjbryan

@tothinkistoexist & @jjbryan

@edcinanutshell  @mollytheog

@edcinanutshell & @mollytheog

@mingm0ng  @sarahfreakingfamiliari

@mingm0ng & @sarahfreakingfamiliari

@hellolynee  @hellolynee

@hellolynee & @vello_gee

@lexingtonjust  @will_win_it

@lexingtonjust & @will_win_it


  1. Jordan   Sep 18, 2013 at 04:08 PM
    My picture is featured! How exciting!
  2. Lovell   Sep 18, 2013 at 06:07 PM
    Thank You Earthbound for putting my pic on your blog.
    I'm Too Happy.
    yah got the dopest shirts
    hope one day I'll model for yah.
  3. J   Mar 29, 2015 at 02:53 AM
    Their jewelry reminds me of my favorite etsy store's jewelry PeculiarCollective!

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