EB PRIDE 2017: Natalie & Tammy

Happy Pride Month, Nomads!

This year’s theme is all about owning your own pride.

What does that mean to us at Earthbound?

We’ve been a leader of inclusivity and a supporter of individualism since we first opened in 1996. We attract people of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs under one ideal: we are all a part of one world and one race, the human race.

It’s never mattered to us what you look like, where you’re from or who you love – as long as you open your heart to all.

This month we’re highlighting 4 LGBTQ relationships related to our Earthbound family.

Follow their journeys as they discuss love, hope and the challenges of 2017.

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EB PRIDE 2017: Jeremy & Austin

Happy Pride Month, Nomads!

This year’s theme is all about owning your own pride.

What does that mean to us at Earthbound?

We’ve been a leader of inclusivity and a supporter of individualism since we first opened in 1996. We attract people of all backgrounds, cultures and beliefs under one ideal: we are all a part of one world and one race, the human race.

It’s never mattered to us what you look like, where you’re from or who you love – as long as you open your heart to all.

This month we’re highlighting 4 LGBTQ relationships related to our Earthbound family.

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Meet the Heart & Soul Behind Lotus Love Beauty

Jessica Gulati, Owner and Founder of Lotus Love Beauty, is our favorite muse, whom we can’t stop talking about. Growing up in Los Angeles with Indian born parents gave Jessica a unique outlook on life, and plenty of life lessons at an early age. As a child, Jessica traveled the world and received a firsthand look at how lucky she truly is. Her mother purposely took her to places like Korea and India to experience poverty and to give back to those who were less fortunate.

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Excavating the Earth with Ground Soap

Meet Angela Youngs and Glenn Forester, Creators and Owners of Ground Soap. This husband and wife duo hand makes cold-process soaps using ONLY natural and organic ingredients. From plant-based fats to local Canadian honey to the Indonesian Batik fabric packaging, no detail is left unnoticed. Continue reading “Excavating the Earth with Ground Soap”

Storm Calysta: Vintage Instagram Beauty with a Retro Vibe

We sat down with music artist and vintage Instagram beauty, Storm Calysta (@stormcalysta), to find out the how and why behind her iconic 60s/70s vibe. Plus, we talk about the struggles of being a creative entrepreneur and what it’s like being a social media celeb. But first, let’s get to the bottom of this mysterious name…

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Artists Among Us

Munching on chicken tajine at our favorite Dallas Moroccan hangout, Kasbah Grill, EB’s Kara asked her server about the edgy, riotous mural spanning the restaurant’s front wall (below). Brandon Berrios was the server’s name, and not only was he an EB fan, but also the artist behind the piece!

Kasbah Grill, Dallas

This up-and-coming street artist is inspired by the art and architecture of the Eastern world, like Indian temples and Turkish mosques. A self-described “Visual Mathematician”—meaning he’s adept at seeing patterns in images and numbers—Berrios explores concrete jungles throughout the world and finds willing canvasses to create mandalas, zelliges and other geometric formations. “Mandalas remind me of how culminated everything is,” Berrios says. “Everybody needs everybody.”


Berrios started experimenting with his art in 2010 when he began hanging around a unique crowd of break dancers and graffiti writers. He was inspired by their style and lifestyle but quickly learned break dancing wasn’t for him. And neither was art, really. “Honestly, I couldn’t draw a stick figure or bubble letter to save my life,” laughed Berrios.

Six years later, Berrios went from barely being able to draw to creating mesmerizing masterpieces. Over time, Berrios’ style transformed from street style graffiti into a more geometric vibe. He became interested in the work of Augustine Kofie, an abstract mathematician from L.A.  “His work is very geometrically intense,” Berrios says. “It’s like blueprints on crack.”

Augustine Koffie

Berrios describes his relationship with mandalas as spiritual. It’s a way for him to relax, re-center and de-stress. “When I paint mandalas, nothing exists but that moment,” he says. “It’s almost like a meditative state while I am painting. It’s like breathing to me, and it puts me at ease.”

Blush at Bishop Arts Hair Salon, Dallas

Over time, his work evolved to incorporate the Moroccan-tile art known as Zellige.   “The Zellige is very precise. It’s mathematical. I can feel that rubbing into my Mandalas,” Berrios says. “My Mandalas used to be more fluid and now they’re becoming a little bit more rigid. I think it has to do with me studying these patterns so much it is affecting my style.”


Berrios recently finished a Zellige mural for a mosque in Houston. “No culture can exist without another culture. Everybody builds from everybody, and we kind of forget that.”

To learn more about Berrios’ work, visit his instagram: @eldezine_one91

EB Spotlight: Brenton & Mia

Every once and in a while in life we’re lucky to come across a person or couple who radiates positivity. At Earthbound we’re used to having some of the most interesting and unique customers and they keep our job fresh and exciting.  Coming to work no longer feels like “just a job.” It’s more like a family reunion where we get to have a few laughs, catch up on each other’s lives, and learn something new.

We met up with one of our biggest fans, Brenton, and his wife Mia after reading his blog. Before we talk about his love of EB and all things nerdy, I have to talk about how cute this couple is.

Brenton and Mia met in 2014 when they worked next door to each other in the mall. During lunch one day, he was desperate for a microwave and Mia helped him out. He then started to bring her tea, which led to lunch, which ultimately led to him asking her out on a date. He took her to go rock climbing followed by a nice Italian meal. The relationship progressed, and they eventually moved in together. Naturally, Mia succumbed to puppy fever – specifically Siberian Husky puppy fever. (One of the most devastating)

Now this is where it gets adorable and you wish Brenton was your SO (significant other).

Brenton took Mia to look at some husky puppies just for fun – or so she thought. She instantly fell in love with a playful pooch and when it was time to go, Brenton started carrying her to the door. Mia was a bit confused and told Brenton they couldn’t just leave with this dog.

He said they could. He had already purchased the pup without her knowing.

Best. Boyfriend. Ever. Seriously. Now I know why she was quick to give up an entire room in their home so Brenton could make his version of a man cave he calls “Nerdvana.”

Brenton is a self-proclaimed nerd and Earthbound enthusiast. He loves all things nerdy: from books to video games to home décor. In his blog, “The Island of Nerd,” he argues everyone’s nerdy about SOMETHING and encourages his readers to discover their passion and follow it. Individualism and not being afraid to be who you are is a mantra we can get behind.  In his blog entry, “Nerdvana: A Place to Call My Own”, Brenton details his love for color and culture and how it shapes his room. He wanted a place that would feel like a sanctuary and an escape from reality. His walls are lined with tapestries, which allows him to feel a sense of comfort so he can truly tune out distractions and focus on his current projects. Brenton said there is something special about Nerdvana that goes behind the décor. He said it feels different, even smells different than the rest of his house. And this was even before he filled it with candles from Earthbound.

Brenton’s love for EB began while on a trip to Fredricksburg, Texas. Growing up in rural South Georgia, he wasn’t exposed to many different cultures. When he stumbled upon EB, he knew he found something special. He instantly fell in love with the treasures from all over the world and felt a deep connection. For a while, Brenton thought this was our only location and the good vibes of EB had become a distant memory – until Mia discovered our Stonebriar, Texas location.

*Cue Brenton’s mind being blown.*

Today, Brenton and Mia visit our Stonebriar location on a regular basis. That’s how we found out about Nerdvana. Henry, Emily, and the rest of the Stonebriar team keep in touch with Brenton and let him know when new things are coming in that may fit his style. Not only does Brenton love our products, he could not stop talking about how great the Stonebriar team is and how they feel more like family than sales associates. We feel so lucky to have a team that represents our brand so well and customers who appreciate “above and beyond” customer service. It’s not every day you find people who are willing to develop a deeper, human connection in the fast-paced world of consumerism.

After meeting with Brenton and Mia, I took the time to step back and reevaluate my own life. What am I passionate about? What do I care about? And what’s stopping me from taking the next step in my pursuit of nerdiness?

Next time you’re in one of our stores, ask us what products we currently love. And if you stop in Stonebriar, ask Emily for a singing bowl demo and some background history on the meditation tool. You never know what you’ll learn and maybe you’ll discover a new passion.

Stay nerdy, my friends.

Dog Blog: Pet Profile Loki Marroquin

At Earthbound, our pets are just as much a part of our lives as anyone else. Many of us lovingly refer to them as our “fur babies” and we couldn’t imagine life without them. Check out the interview with our HR Assistant Michelle Harrenga’s dog, Mr. Loki Marroquin.

Nickname: Well…sometimes mom and dad call me Yoki or Baby Boy, but mostly just Loki. Oh… they do say No a lot, so that might count too.

Breed: I am a big, bad, scary Pitbull!

Favorite Foods/Toys: I love to chew on the chairs in the dining room and steal my sister Bella’s food. My favorite toys are Bunny and Rope, but I’ll play with any of the toys my human brothers and sister leave on the floor for me.

Dislikes: When my water bowl runs out of water! Bella and I drink a lot of water and sometimes Mom and Dad are busy. It’s ok though; I just carry my water bowl into the living room and show them that it’s empty. Mom says sorry and refills it fast!

Known for: Trying to conquer the world! (Evil laugh)

How did you meet your mom, Michelle?

  • Well… my first parents took me to Dads work and showed my brothers and I to him and one of my human brothers. I liked them right away so I made a point to be on my best behavior. Then 2 weeks later I got to go home with them and meet Mom, Bella, and the rest of the little humans! It was a great day!

We hear you have a BIG family! What are some of your favorite things to do with them?

  • Yes! I have 4 human brothers and 1 human sister! We play all the time! I jump on them and lick them all over! Mom says it can be too much love, but I just can’t help myself! We play basketball and soccer and I’m really good at getting the ball when we play catch.

What’s it like having Bella for a big sister?

  • It’s amazing! She’s so good to me. I have to bite her really hard before she bites me back. I love being around her and I follow her everywhere! We do everything together. She doesn’t like to cuddle as much as I do, but if she’s really tired and if I really try to be calm, she’ll let me sleep next to her.

What’s an average day like for Loki?

  • I get up early! I love the morning. I like to sit on the back patio and smell the air for a long time before I want to come in, even if Mom is calling me. I get to play with all my human brothers and sister all day long since school is out! They are so crazy though, that I need to take lots of naps.

What’s the hardest part about being a puppy?

  • People think that I’m older than I am because I’m so big and strong! They don’t realize that I’m still just a baby and only 4 ½ months old.

Since your name is Loki, you must be a huge Avengers fan. Is he your favorite?

  • Yes! I got 2 words for you…World Domination!

You’re still young but you’re growing up fast! What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • When I grow up I want to be coolest, strongest, fastest, bestest looking dog in the world!

If you could meet any dog in the world, who would that be and why?

  • I would love to meet Hulk! He is the biggest pitbull in the world!

You recently debuted as an Earthbone model for our online store. What was that like?

  • It was pawesome! There were so many great dogs to play with and even a cat! I got to play with some great toys and Mom gave me a ton of treats! I can’t lie…all of the attention was intoxicating! I love when Mom and Dad show me my pics on the Earthbound website!

What do you want the world to know? Any words of inspiration? Advice? It is a dog eat dog world out there…

  • Don’t judge a dog by its breed!

Curiosity Shop: An Interview with the Buyer

It would not be summer at Earthbound without Curiosity Shop! In its 4th incarnation, this summer’s story is catching everyone’s eye as they pass by the store. We sat down once again with home décor buyer Justin to find out what curious happenings have been popping up!

Curiosity Shop

Curiosity Shop

Q: What makes this 4th installment of Curiosity Shop different from previous ones?

A: The core of Curiosity Shop is composed of items that make you want to do a double take. Unique, eclectic, strange are just a few words we have used to describe this story over the years. This year is certainly no different!

With this 4th installment I wanted to bring a color pallet of metallics and blues. I have been obsessed with gold all year and knew I had to bring it to Curiosity Shop. That gold skull is one of my favorite pieces! The choice of bringing in different shades of blue was sparked from the love of the octopus. As a motif the octopus has continued to do well for us so I thought it would be great to see some ocean inspired colors brought in to help round out the story.

There also is a small theme of scale. Taking the same item and doing it in a small size and an extra large size. Science and geometric themes play a role as well. From the Galileo thermometer and Fitzroy Storm Glass barometer to those AWESOME geometric candle holders!  Also check out those globes with the metallic finishes! Very cool!

Finally I was excited to throw some textiles in to the mix this year. We are offering four pillow styles that are super unique and that will add some serious curiosity to any sofa!

Curiosity Shop  Curiosity Shop

Q: How do you decide what theme or color pallet to use with this type of product story?

A: The majority of time it only takes one item to set the wheels in motion. This time the metal octopus candle holder provided a great starting point. The color and the motif was perfect! From there my obsession with gold and anything metallic really got the ball rolling.

Q: Now for the question that is on everyone’s mind. What is NEXT for Curiosity Shop?

A: Hahaha. Hmmm…well for next year’s story we will see Curiosity Shop take a trip with Mother Nature. And that is what I will leave you with! Expect the unexpected!!!

Inside the Daily Life of an Earthbound Buyer

Being a Buyer isn’t just about fun and games…well, ok actually it is! However, it entails a lot of hard work as well. We love our customers and continuously strive to provide them with the best, which means a lot of thought goes into our operation process and how we choose our products.

Now we figured since we can’t give you a tour of our secret lair (for now), we thought you’d enjoy hearing a few of our tips and tricks, and getting a quick peek into the daily life of an Earthbound Buyer. Take a look…

Buyer Bulletin Boards

Often some of our manufacturers will send our buying office swatches of fabrics. This helps us to decide if we really love the feel, color and overall look of a material. It also helps us to better picture how the product will look once it hits stores. With that being said, our office has bulletin boards everywhere!  It’s totally ok though. Having the colors and key images for the season easily accessible is very beneficial, so that when a vendor calls or emails, we know what we’re looking for.

Men's Inspiration Board

This is just a snippet of an inspiration board put together for our Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Line. We will be using it for our upcoming India trip. Inspiration board are great because it helps us to truly visualize the type of look we are going for, and what kind of products we want to offer in store next season.

Pantone swatches

We do a wide variety of product design here in our buying department and its always great to have Pantone color swatches nearby. That way, we can pick out what we love easily! Using a well know source like Pantone also helps us to make sure that there aren’t any communication errors when talking about what colors we hope to have in stores.


We have noted that huge blown out artwork and digital prints are going to be a big thing for spring. This collage is great in giving us inspiration for some great prints and designs of our own.


Can someone say PINspiration? We absolutely love Pinterest. It’s really an awesome tool to spot new trends and find out what is popular among the masses. Knowing what your consumer is interested in and looking for, helps to create a exciting and positive collection for the upcoming season!