Boho is Back

Behold! Bohemian is back in style for another season and since we are Earthbound, we couldn’t be more excited to have our roots trending again. These new looks embody everything we love about the haute hippie vibe, like far out patterns and bold hues. And since boho is all about being true to yourself and your own style, there is so much room to get adventurous with accessories and hair styles too. Pair one of our headbands with bouncy and flirty boho waves or go all out by adding flowers to braids. Also, don’t forget to add one of boho’s best friend: fringe!! We’ve got plenty of purses, including the crossbody bag with beads, layered with the one and only flirty fringe.

Here’s what we are dreamn’ of this season:


Aqua Aviator Flower Sunglasses

Hearts Stacked Sunglasses

Metal Lattice Wing Sunglasses

Crossbody Bag with Beads – SHOP ONLINE

Floral Hand Bags

Coral Paisley Jumper – SHOP ONLINE

Multi Colored Kimono – SHOP ONLINE

Embroidered Indigo Top/ Dress – SHOP ONLINE 

This is just a taste of things to come from EB this year. We have tons of pieces with floral patterns and paisley designs that will be hitting stores as well as long dresses, like this Teal Ruffle Maxi Dress.

Keep dreamn’, friends!

Our Defense Against the Same ‘Ol Military Trend

Attention EB lovers! The military look seems to get dispatched by the fashion gurus every couple of years or so. As the trend evolves, designers and brands push ahead to make the look their own. At EB, we tend to gravitate toward earth tones, like army green, so mixing in our pieces is easier than saying, “Sir, yes sir!”

What you need in your arsenal:

Olive Barcelona Pants – SHOP ONLINE

Charcoal Scarf with Black fringe

Woven Leather Buckle Bracelet

Mint Wooden Bracelet – SHOP ONLINE

Woven Bracelets

Braided Headbands

Marbled Headband

Our mission is to make executing trends a breeze for our customers. Simply mix in staple items like a white t-shirt and jeans or throw on a khaki and denim jacket with one of our scarves.

Now you’re locked and loaded and ready to hit the streets!

*Please check with your local Earthbound on stock. Some stores may be out of certain styles.*

Spring Break Style

Spring Break is upon us! How are you spending the school holiday? Get ready for your big adventures by stopping in at your nearest Earthbound; our Spring Collection has arrived!

Floral Chiffon Double Layered Pants at Earthbound
What better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring Break than with these Spring-tastic floral chiffon pants?
[Floral Chiffon Double Layered Pants – $32.95]

Circular Tie Dye Tank at Earthbound
Strike a more casual chord in our boldly tie dyed tank. Pair it with a lightweight, Spring beanie for a quick, cute outfit!
[Circular Tie Dye Tank – $22.95] [Spring Knit Beanie – $12.95]

Ikat Maxi Tube Dress at Earthbound
Heading to South By Southwest or other fun festival adventures on your holiday? This ikat maxi tube dress is comfort and style combined. It was pretty much made with festivals in mind!
[Ikat Maxi Tube Dress – $29.95]

Hair Chain from Earthbound
Don’t forget to pick up a hair chain for festival flair!
[Hair Chain – $12.95]

See even more great Earthbound spring apparel here.

EB Fashion Blogger for December: U LALA

The lovely ladies at U lala partnered with EB for a second great look!

In their own words:

We thank our lucky stars for whoever made the boho look a thing, because with clothing this chic, comfortable and unique—there’s no way we’ll ever grow out of our love for the look. (Yes, that’ll be us one day rocking the silk turban and jingling all the way to bingo with a wrist full of Earthbound bangles.)

For this look we stuck to the basics that every boho goddess has made the staples of her wardrobe: breezy bottoms, relaxed tops and tons of fun accessories. We knotted a relaxed graphic tee and paired it with a colorful tassel necklace for a combo of eclectic charm and individuality. At Earthbound Trading Co., &, we know girls aren’t meant to look like the mannequin; pops of personality are what style is all about. And to prove that point a little further, we just had to add a to-die-for hand chain and a stack of colorful friendship bracelets. (If that ring/bracelet doesn’t get you some serious boho street cred, we don’t know what will.)

Choosing bottoms can get tricky, but this elastic waist and subtle pattern was a no-brainer. High-waisted pants that are as comfortable as they are flattering give you the allusion of mile-high legs (even if you are 5’2”). Can you say cha-ching? And we ended our look with the cardinal rule of looking cool: always top it off with an “I-just-threw-this-on-and-look-casually-fabulous” beanie. Trust us, it’s the perfect chill-girl accessory/bad hair day cover up.

U lala December Guest Blog!

U lala December Guest Blog!

U lala December Guest Blog!

U lala December Guest Blog!

[*Interested in becoming an Earthbound fashion blogger? Send a link to your blog and a little something about yourself to]

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

We recently started carrying tees from Curbside Clothing, a young company formed by artists in Omaha. We love the wearable art created by these graffiti artists, tattoo artists, graphic designers and more. We’re excited to be selling Curbside’s designs in our 125 stores spread across the country, and can’t wait to see our customers’ response to these unique designs! We wanted to learn more about the story of this company, so we interviewedAdam Hogan, the founder of Curbside.

Curbside Clothing Tee at Earthbound Curbside Clothing Tee at Earthbound

Q: Tell us a little about the history of your company.

A: Curbside is an Omaha, Nebraska based brand that grew from the hunger of world travel, cultural immersion, and a lifelong passion for creativity.

In 2006, I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job and spontaneously purchase a few international plane tickets. After traveling 4 continents and finishing art school, I created Curbside as a form of creative expression. A few months later, with a portfolio of 20 designs, Shane and I launched from my apartment. After some online growth and pop up shop success, we knew it was time to grow.

In 2011, we opened our Curbside shop in Omaha’s historic Old Market District. Omaha is rich with creative culture and we wanted to show that off. We covered our walls with local art and began hosting events. Eventually we began collaborating with talented local creatives, and a Curbside family began to form. What started as a creative project grew into a community of artists, visually communicating through original art, and using clothing as a canvas.

In 2012, we converted an old bread factory into a print shop and creative studio. This allowed us a space to get our hands dirty and experiment with different design and print applications.

In 2013, we decided it was time to introduce Curbside to a larger market, and since then, our brand has really begun to grow.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Q: What’s the meaning behind your company’s name?

A: While traveling, I was pulled into the culture and local life of every city and town. I constantly found myself drawing in sidewalk cafes, shopping at local markets, waiting in bus and train stops, exploring urban and rural environments; I was always on the curbside. The curbside became the common thread; the pulse and culture of each community.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Q: How many artists and other staff members make up your team?

A: There are currently 7 staff members, 8 artists (3 of whom are staff members), and 6 guest artists.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Q: Do you design and print everything in house at Curbside Clothing?

A: We do all design in-house and print almost everything ourselves. However, when orders get large, we have some good friends with fancy robots.

Q: What’s your favorite Curbside tee that we’re now carrying at Earthbound?

A: I’d have to say “Awake”, by Gerard Pefung, I love the depth and detail of the elephant, plus the explosive colors and street art texture make it jump off the t shirt.

"Awake" Curbside Clothing Tee at Earthbound

Q: Is there a story behind that tee’s design?

A: Born in Cameroon, Gerard grew up being exposed to the rich traditions and culture of West Africa. Symbolizing strength, honor, stability and patience, the elephant is a great representation of who Gerard is, as a person and an artist.

EB Fashion Blogger: U LA LA

Our newest guest blogger post comes from the fabulous team of ladies at U lala.  U lala is a fashion and lifestyle blog focused on the college-aged girl. They put together a fall look that is at once perfectly Earthbound and perfectly college-chic.

In their own words: “At U lala, we celebrate the kind of girl who oozes individuality, who lets her style tell her story, and who wears clothes as one-of-a-kind as her free spirit. In short—a girl who is decked head-to-toe in Earthbound Trading Co. She’s so adventurous, spirited and worldly that we can’t help but be reminded of the powerful women of the 1960’s. For our shoot, we were inspired by the blossoming trends of fashion’s most revolutionary decade and the confidence of the women who wore them. For the look we chose a swingy tie-dye tunic we styled as a dress, fit for any field-frolicking flower child, a felt hat that just screams Janis Joplin, knee-high leather boots with DIY lace socks and two oversized stone rings for a nod to mother nature. Matched with long-flowing locks and a fresh-faced glow, our model Emily encapsulates the casual-glamour of the 1960’s decade that we adore so much.”

U lala Guest Blog Post

U lala Guest Blog Post

U lala Guest Blogger Post

We’ll leave you with a few more shots from U lala’s look.  We love what they put together!

U lala Guest Blog

U lala Guest Blog

U lala Guest Blog

Earthbound Office Style

Yesterday, we caught several ladies in the Earthbound office wearing past or current Earthbound styles. It’s always fun to see how our garments and accessories get worn in the “real world”! These seven ladies each purchased much of her outfit from the same store and wore it to the same place on the same day, but every one has her own sense of style that shines through.

Can you tell by their attire that Fall weather hasn’t quite struck Dallas, Texas yet? Still, it’s no longer quite Summer, so boots and layers are beginning to make an appearance!

Earthbound's Accessories Buyer Office Style

Earthbound's Payroll Assistant Office Style

Earthbound's Photographer Office Style

Earthbound's Recruiter Office Style

Earthbound's Accounting Office Style

Earthbound's Recruiter Office Style

Earthbound's Clothing Buyer Office Style

Thanks to these Earthbound chicas for showing off their style on the blog! How do you wear your Earthbound attire? Show us on instagram with the tag #earthbound!

EB Fashion Blogger: Tatiana

Our first fashion blogger also happens to be an Earthbound employee! Tatiana, a sales associate at ourRiverside location put together a rockin’ look for us!

In her own words:

I’m Tatiana from the Earthbound store in Riverside, California! I was so excited to be asked to do this post because what woman doesn’t like to put together a cute outfit and take pictures? This outfit was inspired by the free spirited women of the 70’s. One thing is for sure, Earthbound emulates this spirit to a T! I am lucky enough to live in a state where wearing a crop top and pants is completely acceptable and this crochet crop top from EBT has kept me cool in the California sun!

EB September Guest Blogger

EB September Guest Blogger

EB September Guest Blogger

EB September Guest Blogger

[*Interested in becoming an Earthbound fashion blogger? Send a link to your blog and a little something about yourself to]

Spotlight on Choke Shirt Company

For about a year and a half now, we’ve been working with Choke Shirt Company after meeting them at a show in Vegas. We love bringing their unique t-shirt designs to our customers, and we love supporting these Seattle entrepreneurs! This week we reached out to Matt at Choke to learn a little more about their company’s story.

Q: Tell us a little about the history of your company.

A: Choke is based in Seattle, WA. Jeff and I started Choke out of our apartment in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood after checking out many local t-shirt companies who frequently sold their wears at farmer’s markets. Like many great ideas, ours started out with a “we can do better” attitude. In 2008, we launched our first collection of designs online and at our semi-permanent spot at the Fremont Farmer’s Market.

In early 2009, we bought our first screen printing press and rented a 400 square foot studio space in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood. With no windows or ventilation, we sweated through our first summer.

In 2010, we participated in our first outdoor festivals, selling our shirts just about every weekend in a new location around town. At the end of 2010, we moved into an amazing 1,500 square foot space in Seattle. We took with us the largest Choke collection to date. In 2011 we hired our first employee and brought on an investment partner.

As our online sales grew, we decided to branch out of the weekend markets and festivals and begin the process of finding retailers to sell our wears. After less than a year in our new space, we moved next door to our current space. At 3,000 square feet, it was surprisingly quick how fast we filled up our new warehouse with a second manual press and our giant baby, an automatic screen printing press named Carl.

After just 2 years of successful trips to fashion’s famous MAGIC Market Week in Las Vegas our clothing line has grown to (currently) 300+ locations around the US and Japan and expanding every month.

Choke: Brian Printing

Choke Dog!

Q: We know you’re a very small crew – how many people (and dogs) make up your company these days?

A: Currently we are 9 people strong and only one pooch. Leo has the summer off because the shop gets pretty toasty and we are so much busier now than we were when we first started that he gets lost in the shuffle and ends up being annoyed with us all day. The 9 of us (and Leo) continue the mission of Choke: To provide the masses with a line of smart, interesting, comfy affordable tees.

Q: Do you design and print everything in house at Choke?

A: Yep! All our designs are designed and printed by us here in Seattle. We have a custom print shop and ourown line of tees for guys and ladies, hoodies, tote bags and baby onesies.

Moon Monster Choke Tee

Q: What’s your favorite Choke tee that we’ve carried at Earthbound?

A: My personal favorite is Moon Monster which is in Earthbound stores now. It’s actually part of our new Fall/Winter 2013 collection which we will be launching August 19th at MAGIC in Vegas. But Earthbound got a special preview of our collection before anyone else and you guys decided to pick it up! We’ve already been hearing great things from some of our fans that love shopping at Earthbound!

PUSHKAR: Kara’s Buying Trip in India

As Clothing Buyer at Earthbound, bi-annual trips to India are highly anticipated. These are week-long trips full of plane rides, car rides, camel rides and lots and lots of walking. On this particular recent trip, we traveled to Pushkar (a short plane ride and a long car ride away from Delhi) to visit with one of our great suppliers for a day.

Pushkar Landscape

That morning we woke up early and hit the road by 7 AM to fit in some quick sight-seeing. We drove through what appeared to be “downtown”, if you can call it that. Our funny driver was apologizing for all of the “anie-malies” that were holding up traffic. We were too busy snapping photos to notice.

When we reached the temple at the main gate to Pushkar Lake, we removed our shoes and stepped onto a balcony overlooking the sacred water. We enjoyed our brief history lesson, learning of Brahma and other Gods. We then partook in a cleansing ritual, repeating mantras and splashing some water onto our foreheads, noses and ears. We made a wish, tossed some rose petals into the lake and continued our short but beautiful tour of the city.

Pushkar Lake

After seeing another temple, we stumbled upon some camels and talked our way into a camel ride. Though brief, we had a blast and our morning was made!

Camels in Pushkar

By 10 AM we were on the way to our supplier’s factory. Once there, we browsed the seemingly endless showroom, pulling sample after sample to add to our list of must-haves.

Kara with Samples

When the model arrived, we made ourselves comfortable with a cup of Chai tea (which may be my favorite part of any India trip) and began the real work. As the model tried each garment on, we snapped photos and made notes on any details we wanted to change; a raised hemline here, a different button there.

Hours later we were ready for a tour of the fabric rooms. We did pretty much the same thing there, pulling any print or fabric type we liked for clothing, purses, or even headbands. We then got back to work creating custom shapes and designs to put into development. Multiple chai teas, some quick henna and 100,000,000 swatches later, the day was over. It was finally time to have a drink and hit the hay to prepare for another long day of work ahead.