Style a Turban with a Scarf

Square Scarf Turban

Rectangular Scarf Turban

Learn how to style these adorable turbans with nothing but your favorite scarf! For this first turban, you can use any rectangular scarf (we have plenty to choose from in our stores).

Rectangular Scarf - Step 1

1. Center the scarf on the back of your head.

Rectangular Scarf - Step 2

2. Wrap the ends high across your forehead and twist them in the center.

Rectangular Scarf - Step 3

3. Wrap the scarf toward the back of your head, keeping the twist in front tight.

Rectangular Scarf - Step 4

4. Tie the scarf tight in the back.

Rectangular Scarf - Finished!

You’re all done! Go out and rock this cute and easy look.

Rectangular Scarf - Side View

It’s fun from all angles!


This next turban requires a square scarf.

Square Scarf - Step 1

1. Fold the scarf in half diagonally. Pick up the scarf at the fold, and drape the middle corner across your forehead.

Square Scarf - Step 2

2. Wrap the ends across your forehead.

Square Scarf - Step 3

3. Twist!

Square Scarf - Step 4

4. Wrap the ends around to the back of your head and tie a knot.

Square Scarf - Step 5

5. Hide the ends by tucking them in.

Square Scarf - Step 6

6. Tuck that remaining bit in front over the twist.

Square Scarf - Finished!

How Do You Rock Your Wrists?

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