National Dog Day

We looooove dogs. Can’t get enough of their slobbery kisses and puppy dog eyes. We love them so much we even have Dog Fridays at our home office! When Riley (left) joined our team, he instantly became enamored with Ms. Olive (right). You might remember Riley professing his love for Olive on our blog. We’re so happy Riley took the plunge and let Olive know how he really feels. He is truly ‘head over paws’ for her!



At Earthbound we’re also huge advocates of adoption. Olive and Riley were adopted and many of our other dogs at the office didn’t come from a breeder. There are SO many beautiful dogs out there just waiting for their fur-ever family to take them home and spoil them. You’re not only saving money, you’re saving A LIFE! Plus you can find an interesting mixed breed that is just as unique as you! We’re not about being “cookie cutter” with our style so why should we expect our dogs to be?

Meet Lucy, Our EB Foster Pup



So now it is time to meet Lucy, our honorary EB foster pup. She is approximately one year old and was saved from the Dallas Animal Shelter when her time was up. Luckily for Lucy, we have some pretty amazing employees who decided to rescue and foster her until she finds a home. Lucy is an absolute sweetheart, like really. She may look big (and majestic) in some of her photos, but she is soooo cuddly and GREAT with kids. She loves being close to her human friends and likes other dogs too (no cats, please). To top it off, Lucy is potty trained, crate trained, an expert leash-walker AND can sit for a treat.

If you’re interested in adopting Lucy and live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, click HERE. We’d love for a friend of EB to take her home!

The Impact of a Nickel

Every time a customer makes an in-store purchase from Earthbound, there’s an option to opt-out of a shopping bag. When you makes that selfless decision, 5 cents is donated to the Arbor Day Foundation. A measly 5 cents might not sound like a lot, but each donation is crucial to the Arbor Day Foundation’s end result.

Each quarter these donations are made and this last one was pretty substantial. Because of our gracious customers, over $11,000 was donated.  Just because you said ‘NO’ to bags.

This organization does so much more than simply plant trees. They’re responsible for aiding communities while they rebuild after a natural disaster. They work with utility companies so trees can be a part of our urban communities. The foundation also works to restore and maintain our national forests as well as protect our rain forests around the world.

So thank YOU, Earthbound customer! Without your generiosity, we wouldn’t be able to make this sort of impact on our world.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Do-it-yourself crafts, repurposing old furniture and ‘up-cycling’ projects are as popular as ever right now. These trends are a no brainer since many of us are clamoring to get back to the basics. This movement has all of us inspired by craft products, transfixed with local creations, and heavily considering our own footprints we’re leaving behind.

Getting back to the basics is one thing we’re doing at Earthbound, too. And through the years we’ve found that it’s easy to get caught up in the details when it comes to doing your part and wondering if it even makes a difference. So we’ve stepped back to focus on the bigger picture and reevaluate the simple steps it takes to get there – like recycling.

Everyone knows that recycling is good for the environment. We also know there is a huge difference when it comes to knowing something and actively practicing it – which is why we’ve created ourselves a special reminder.

Our new Earthbound water bottle labels shine a light on recycling in a way that warms your heart while reminding you to be responsible. (And if we may be so bold, we think they’re pretty cute, too!) These fun labels get us to think about that bigger picture by pondering the new lives our plastic can have if recycled properly.

As we share our efforts with you, we also encourage you to share with us all the ways you actively reduce, reuse and recycle! Who knows, someday you might be sitting on a bench made from the very same water bottle you recycled today!

Bone Blog: Dog for Dog

Since we launched our partnership with Dog for Dog in June 2014, our sales staff have been working hard to get the word out on this wonderful organization. Here’s how it works: For every Dog for Dog treat sold, a treat of equal value is given to a dog in need. Dog for Dog has kept tabs on all of the goodies we have sold and shipped the donation quantity to us. We decided to give our very first donation to the Legacy Humane Society(LHS) in Rockwall, TX on October 16.

Humane Legacy Society

Thanks to our dedicated, dog-loving staff, we were able to donate 10,298 DOGSBARS and 2,124 DOGSTREATS to pooches in need! That’s over $62,000 in yummy, all natural treats ! This is a HUGE accomplishment for our first donation and we couldn’t have done it without our generous customers!!

Has your dog tried Dog for Dog? Let us know in the comments or tag us on Instagram (@earthboundtrading) using #Earthbone

Earthbound + Dog for Dog


We’re super excited about our new line of pet products, arriving in select locations!*

We’re particularly excited to be working with Dog for Dog, a California based company that, for every bag of treats sold, donates a bag to dogs in need. Check out their website,, and learn more about their project!

Many of us bring our dogs into the office on Fridays (affectionately called Dog Day Fridays), and we’re happy to report they very much enjoyed taste testing our new doggie products!

Cappy   Scout

Nixie   Olive

Look for our line of pet products in all store locations.

Thank You for your Heifer Donations!

Through our Peace Pipes donation program, our customers have donated thousands of dollars to Heifer International, a charitable organization working with communities to end world hunger and poverty, and to care for the Earth.

Gulu Women Dairy Farmers Project, courtesy of Heifer International

Next time you’re checking out at Earthbound, drop your spare change in the Peace Pipe by the register. It’s a super easy way to donate and support Heifer’s efforts around the world.

Koh Svay Village; photo by Matt Bradley, courtesy of Heifer International

Coffee Farm Workers' Families, photo courtesy of Heifer International

Mae Come and Klon Mai villages, photo courtesy of Heifer International

Learn more about Heifer International on their website. Explore other ways to help Heifer transform lives.

Diarrere, Senegal — Kady Sarr, photo by Geoff Bugby, courtesy of Heifer International

Photo Credits:
“Gulu Women Dairy Farmers Project”, courtesy of Heifer International ©2011
“Koh Svay Village; 39 families”, by Matt Bradley, courtesy of Heifer International ©2010
“Improving Food Security and Nutrition of Coffee Farm Workers’ Families”, photo courtesy of Heifer International ©2012
“Mae Come and Klon Mai villages umbrella project”, courtesy of Heifer International ©2009
“Diarrere, Senegal — Kady Sarr” by Geoff Bugby, courtesy of Heifer International ©2008

Earth Day: Save the Rain Forest!

We are proud to honor Earth Day by supporting the Arbor Day Foundation with a donation to their Rain Forest Rescue® program. Every $10 donated to the program goes toward saving a 2,500 square foot area of rainforest – not to mention the rich plant and animal life living there! Head over to the Arbor Day Foundation’s website to learn about 6 things you can do to help save our rainforests.

Arbor Day