Muse of the Moment: Cara White

Cara isn’t new to the nomadic lifestyle. In fact she was born into it and molded by it. Since she was a little girl, Cara traveled all around due to her parents’ jobs. Her dad, a pastor, her mom, a classically trained musician who toured everywhere from Aruba to Turkey. The result? A super spiritual child with a love for humanity and a soul for music and all things creative.

“I’m used to moving around and I feel like it allows me to embrace life and live in the moment.”

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Storm Calysta: Vintage Instagram Beauty with a Retro Vibe

We sat down with music artist and vintage Instagram beauty, Storm Calysta (@stormcalysta), to find out the how and why behind her iconic 60s/70s vibe. Plus, we talk about the struggles of being a creative entrepreneur and what it’s like being a social media celeb. But first, let’s get to the bottom of this mysterious name…

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What We’re Listening To

What’s better than holiday music? Holiday music that’s a little off the beaten path of course! There’s nothing wrong with our old friend Bing Crosby and his longing for specific weather conditions on Christmas, but have you heard Otis’s version? You should because it’s great. Here’s what we’re listening to at Earthbound this season:
Otis Redding – White Christmas
Los Lonely Boys – Carol of the Bells
2000 Miles – The Pretenders
Put the Lights on the Tree – Sufjan Stevens
And of course, the obligatory….
Wham! – Last Christmas