Hello to Spring’s Pink Moon & Goodbye to Negative Energy

On April 11th, the once-a-year Pink Moon comes out to play in the night sky. Although it sounds like some sort of rose quartz beauty, the Pink Moon was actually named by the Native Americans after moss pink or wild ground phlox – one of the first spring flowers.

This is the perfect time to do some spring cleaning, not only of your home, but of your soul. A Full Moon allows for a restart of our lives and our intentions, so we can get back on track with our goals.

Sometimes a good cleanse of the soul is all we need to jumpstart our journey. Are you ready to recharge? Let’s ‘glow’ !


Find a space in your home that has enough room for all of your moon friends to gather around on the floor.

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Cleanse the space by lighting Palo Santo sticks to remove any negative energy.


Set the mood by cutting up crescent-shaped fruit, like cantaloupe and apple slices, and baking chocolate cookies with cream cheese frosting in a moon phase design.


For each place setting, add iridescent Moon Luster Dinnerware with an amethyst-colored intention card and a moonstone or quartz crystal.

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Have each of your friends write on their intention card any negative thoughts or feelings they need to release into the universe.


Carefully burn each intention card and feel the weight of the world lift off your shoulders as you create space in your life for new energy to enter.

We hosted our full moon party with some of Earthbound’s nomadic spirits. Here’s what these moon sisters are letting go of this full moon:

Geneva Williams, EB HR/Payroll Associate


“Negativity in your life makes it challenging to achieve your goals. Once I removed negativity, it allowed me to glow up!”


Chelsea Gomez, EB Recruiter


“I am letting go of fear – fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of cockroaches — everything. I don’t want to miss out on life because I am too scared of what might happen.”


Katie Mithlo, EB Receptionist


“I am letting go of anxiety, because I want to be more in control of what happens in my life. I’d like to start worrying less and let whatever happens, happen.”

What negative energy are you hoping to leave behind this Full Moon?


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Our Latest Muse: Rosemari


Have you ever wondered where we take some of our beautiful fashion and home décor pics for our website and in-store signs? We’ve got a super talented team on staff that scouts unique locations, often near the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, to be used as a backdrop.  Finding the right place can be a challenge but if you look closely, there are hidden gems around every corner.

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Travel Tidbits

Whether you’re heading out for a quick weekend adventure or journeying to the other side of the world, there’s a few things you just shouldn’t leave home without.

Comfort – and style – are always key no matter where you’re headed. We recommend a pair of our super comfortable Barcelona Pants and some durable Letty California Espadrilles (available in select locations andonline). When your feet need a little extra warmth, bring along a pair of our Kitty Socks.

An elephant pouch filled with goodies is a must-have for easy access to items on the go, like chap stick or lipstick. One of the best travel tidbits is to bring along a bottle of our Anxiety Release Essential Oil. Simply take a whiff if you need a release or add it to carrier lotions and oils to release the scents. Add a travel tin candle to help you relax and unwind once you reach your destination. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

Entertainment is also essential when you’re going to be spending time on the road. An iPad and good book is always a good choice but a notebook is the best way to document your sights and experiences. Nothing beats the release of feelings when that pen hits the paper.

What can’t you leave home without? Make sure to tag us #earthboundtrading on your next adventure!

DIY: Funky Fishtail

DIY: Funky Fishtail - add color to your braid!

Our accesories buyer, Kreeli, is the queen of the fishtail braid! We see her rocking one at least once a week. Even though this popular version of the braid is fun in its own right, sometimes it’s nice to spice things up. Read on to learn how she added some color to her braid without the commitment or hassle of hair dye or extensions or any of that nonsense!

Funky Fishtail Tools

What you will need:
-Yarn in your choice of color (we used a funky rainbow yarn!)
-Hairbrush or comb
-Ponytail holder

Funky Fishtail Step 1

Step 1:
Start with hair straight down your back. It doesn’t hurt to have long, gorgeous hair like our accessory buyer’s!

Funky Fishtail Step 2

Step 2:
Pull all of your hair up except for one inch of the bottom layer.

Funky Fishtail Step 3

Step 3:
Separate your hair into two equal pieces. Take the yarn and measure it to the length of your hair.

Funky Fishtail Step 4

Step 4:
Add about 6 inches to the length of the yarn. Then, double the yarn’s length before cutting it.

Funky Fishtail Step 5

Step 5:
Cut another piece of yarn the exact length of your first piece. If you’re using a rainbow dyed yarn like ours, you’ll want to grab a piece from further into the skein for some color contrast.

Funky Fishtail Step 6

Step 6:
Use the brush or comb to tease your hair at the roots. This will help the yarn stay in your hair.

Funky Fishtail Step 7

Step 7:
Securely tie one piece of yarn into your hair on each side, as close to your roots as you can comfortably tie it.

Funky Fishtail Step 8

Step 8:
Pull down another inch of hair and repeat steps 4-8 to have four pieces of yarn tied in hair. You also have the option to go a little crazy with it and add even more pieces of yarn to additional layers of hair.

Funky Fishtail Step 9

Step 9:
Pull all of your hair down. Separate your hair into two equal sized pony tails.

Funky Fishtail Step 10

Step 10:
Separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the left ponytail. Cross it over the top of the left ponytail and join it with the right.

Funky Fishtail Step 11

Step 11:
Separate a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the right ponytail. Cross it over the top of the right ponytail and join it with the left.

Funky Fishtail Step 12 

Funky Fishtail Step 12

Step 12:
Repeat steps 11 and 12 until you reach the end of your hair.

Funky Fishtail Step 13

Step 13:
Place the ponytail holder at the end of your braid. Voila! Your funky fishtail braid is ready to go. Have fun with it! Try different colors, or add more yarn for an even brighter braid. We love the subtlety of a little color peeking out of the braid, but hey, subtlety may not be your style.