The Impact of a Nickel

Every time a customer makes an in-store purchase from Earthbound, there’s an option to opt-out of a shopping bag. When you makes that selfless decision, 5 cents is donated to the Arbor Day Foundation. A measly 5 cents might not sound like a lot, but each donation is crucial to the Arbor Day Foundation’s end result.

Each quarter these donations are made and this last one was pretty substantial. Because of our gracious customers, over $11,000 was donated.  Just because you said ‘NO’ to bags.

This organization does so much more than simply plant trees. They’re responsible for aiding communities while they rebuild after a natural disaster. They work with utility companies so trees can be a part of our urban communities. The foundation also works to restore and maintain our national forests as well as protect our rain forests around the world.

So thank YOU, Earthbound customer! Without your generiosity, we wouldn’t be able to make this sort of impact on our world.