Wallpaper for Nomads

We nomads have a hard time staying in one place for too long, let alone committing to a permanent style of décor. So how do we express ourselves on our walls when paint and wallpaper are just that—permanent? EB’s Hailey has the ultimate solution for the spontaneous soul: a starched tapestry. This simple yet impact DIY project works best with a partner. Hailey and teammate Alex hit the studio to show us how it’s done.

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Introducing: Ethnotek

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.36.38 AM

What better time to announce our partnership with Ethnotek then at the start of summer when adventures and travel are just beginning! Ethnotek creates travel bags and wallets that feature ethically sourced handmade textiles. Every purchase helps them sustain employment and demand for the craft of hand painting, weaving & embroidery in their partnering with artisan villages in Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia & Vietnam.

The handmade textiles that give each bag their own unique look are called “threads”. Some of these threads can take up to a month for the artisans to create and although variations in design may occur, we think the differences make each thread feel like a truly unique piece of art.

The Packs

We are currently featuring Ethnotek’s most popular backpacking options for those who enjoy a weekend adventure or full-on excursions: the Setia Pack and Raja Pack.

The Setia Pack is a little more compact than the Raja Pack. We are carrying the Setia Pack in three thread styles:India 8, Guatemala 4, and Vietnam 5.

It features a main storage area with plenty of side storage so you can easily access those smaller items like a camera, phone, or small book. The best part? A built-in rain cover, located at the bottom of the bag, can be pulled over the pack to keep your things dry.

The Raja Pack is a bit bigger than the Setia Pack and it is definitely the ultimate companion for commuters and travelers alike. We are carrying the Raja Pack in two thread styles: Indonesia 6 and Vietnam 6.

Much like the Setia Pack, the Raja Pack features a spacious main storage area as well as side storage for those smaller items. There’s even access to the very bottom of the bag so you can reach those socks without having to unzip the top and fumble through everything else. There is also a laptop compartment so you can continue to work just as hard as you play. The Raja Pack is also the only style bag we currently carry that allows for the front panel thread to be removed so you can customize your look!

The Wallet

If you’re needing something more compact to keep your small, important things organized and in one place then the Chiburi Travel Wallet is your new best friend. Like the Setia and Raja Packs, we’re carrying the Chiburi Travel Wallet in three different styles: India 8, Vietnam 6, and Vietnam 5.