Simple Scarf Bow

We have some super creative employees at Earthbound who are always at the forefront on new trends. Patrice, our HR coordinator, took the bug scarf and tied it into a beautiful bow. Follow along below to see how you can get this quick and easy look!


Step 1: Pull your hair back with a stretchy cotton headband. Choose a color that complements the scarf and/ or your hair color.

Step 2: Place the scarf underneath your hair and wrap it to the front of your head, crossing once.


Step 3: Tie a bow just like how you would tie your shoes. You may need to fluff the bow and style it with bobby pins.


Step 4: Tuck the loose ends of the bow underneath the headband. Use bobby pins to secure the scarf to the headband and your hair.

TA-DA! Simple and easy way to transform a patterned scarf into a hair accessory. Let us know in the comments

DIY Fringe T-shirt

First off, you need a rad t-shirt you don’t mind cutting up. We’re using this Sublime shirt featuring their album 40 oz to freedom.

What else you need:

  • Scissors
  • Cardboard or other sturdy material for an eye-shaped stencil
  • Marker
  • Scotch tape

Let’s get comfortable:


Step 1: Lay the t-shirt flat on the floor and create an eye-shaped template from cardboard or another sturdy material. The template should be 4.5″ from the center of the eye shape. Width should be same as t-shirt.

Step 2: Trace the shape of the eye onto the front of the shirt.


Step 3: Cut the front AND the back of the shirt along the LOWER curve. Then, cut ONLY the front of the shirt along the UPPER curve to create a hi-lo effect.

Step 4: Try on the shirt and decide how high up you want the fringe to be. Place a piece of tape as a guide and remove the shirt.

Step 5: Begin cutting the fringe, through the lower and upper curve, to the tape. Each fringe should be approximately 3/8″ to 1/2″ wide, depening on preference.


Step 6: Remove the tape and try it on! Fast and simple hi-lo fringe t-shirt to get you through those summer days.

Time to Fest Up!

Green grass and open spaces, loud music and good friends, dancing and feathers. Warmer weather is here and festival season is upon us. What you wear to a festival has become just as important as the music itself. Each event is an opportunity to become one with the music as you express yourself through adornments and a style as unique as you.

Bold jewelry is a must have for festival fashion. Don’t be afraid to mix and match metals, we’re not a fan of those old school rules anyway.

Your hands should also be fully stacked with rings of all shapes and sizes. Bright stones and midi rings easily add color and dimension to your look.

We can’t get enough of this Strapless Romper with Feathers. It’s comfortable and easy to wear, perfect for a festival. Lots of adornments and accessories are also key to making your festival look hit that high note. A large hat is a great option if you need to shield yourself from the sun. A headband with feathers or a crown fit for a goddess is definitely a fun way to adorn your luscious locks. To finish it off, add a functional backpack.Depending on the festival, you could be there all day and night. You’ll need something to keep all of your goodies safe and sound while you dance. If a backpack is too much, try a smaller option, like a fannypack

Let us know about your favorite fashion finds for festival season!

It’s the Little Things

Going to a festival is essentially an outdoor excursion or adventure, like hiking or camping. You could be gone for a day or two with nothing but the clothes on your back. If you’re lucky enough to bring a tent, you’ll need some things to keep the festivities going when you’re not front and center with your hands in the air.

Snag one of these Aztec printed blankets and let’s get the party started!

Glow Bangles are simply glow in the dark bracelets that can be added to your arms, legs or just about anything to add some glow. They’re also great way to meet new friends when you share!

Metallic. Tats. Need we say more? With a variety of choices, like this or this or this or this, there’s plenty of options for an impromptu arm party. Again, share them with those around you and you’ll quickly make new friends!

Add all day color with Chubby Twists for your lips! They have a matte finish without drying out and the colorwill last through those dance moves. Need more va voom? Diamond Eyeliner will definitely make your eyes pop under the glow of poi or a LED hula hoop 😉

Take your glow game to the next level with LED Poi. The light up ball has different colors and settings, like flashing, and can be spun to create beautiful trails of bright colors. You’ll have people surrounding your blanket in no time.

Don’t forget to grab your favorite flask and sunnies for your hip bag a.k.a fanny packIt would be a tragedy to leave home without these!

What are your must haves this festival season?

Spring Break 2015

Spring Break is the time off we all so desperately need after those dreary winter months. It helps us recharge our batteries and make that final push through the semester before summer vacation. It reminds us the sun will be out to play for longer hours and we don’t have to wear nearly as many clothes. The rebirth of flowing dresses, shorts, and tanks is exactly what our mind and bodies crave. Plus there are so many opportunities to embrace the boho look!

Pair a hi lo dress like this Black and White Tie-Dye Dress with tons of jewerly. We reccomend mixing metals, like gold and silver, and experimenting with various pops of color, like purple and green. It’s a simple way to make your look uniquely yours – don’t be afraid! Since you’ll be out and about, grab one of our backpacks like thisRibbons and Mirrors Backpack.


Shorts and a tank, what screams Spring Break more than that? We’re kind of obsessed with this ridiculously comfortable Black Yoga Tank with Symbols. The back is open so a pop of skin peeks through, perfect for Spring Break. Throw on a pair of our equally as comfortable Tan Paisley shorts and start accessorizing!

When working with different designs and patterns, look to your accessories to marry the two looks. Again, we love mixing metals so don’t be afraid to break your momma’s rules of wearing ONLY silver or ONLY gold.

Tag us with your Spring Break looks using #earthboundtrading on Instagram and Twitter!

*some styles may not be in all stores at this time. Please check with your local EB to see if they have what you are looking for.

Buyer Trip: China

Our buyers recent trip to China was full of lots of traveling! They attended several shows on the hunt for anything from fashion accessories, gifts, textiles, and recreational products. It was a busy trip, but they always seem to find a way to have fun whether it’s trying on cat masks, or being thoroughly amused by their food!

EB Buyer Trip: China EB Buyer Trip: China

1. Ferry to the show in Hong Kong.  //  2. Buyers Kreeli and Kara pretending to be cats at the show.

EB Buyer Trip: China   EB Buyer Trip: China

3. Essential fire hood in our Guangzhou hotel closet.  //  4. Delicious looking boiled chicken- served cold, garnished with the head. Yum!

Spring Break Style

Spring Break is upon us! How are you spending the school holiday? Get ready for your big adventures by stopping in at your nearest Earthbound; our Spring Collection has arrived!

Floral Chiffon Double Layered Pants at Earthbound
What better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring Break than with these Spring-tastic floral chiffon pants?
[Floral Chiffon Double Layered Pants – $32.95]

Circular Tie Dye Tank at Earthbound
Strike a more casual chord in our boldly tie dyed tank. Pair it with a lightweight, Spring beanie for a quick, cute outfit!
[Circular Tie Dye Tank – $22.95] [Spring Knit Beanie – $12.95]

Ikat Maxi Tube Dress at Earthbound
Heading to South By Southwest or other fun festival adventures on your holiday? This ikat maxi tube dress is comfort and style combined. It was pretty much made with festivals in mind!
[Ikat Maxi Tube Dress – $29.95]

Hair Chain from Earthbound
Don’t forget to pick up a hair chain for festival flair!
[Hair Chain – $12.95]

See even more great Earthbound spring apparel here.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

We recently started carrying tees from Curbside Clothing, a young company formed by artists in Omaha. We love the wearable art created by these graffiti artists, tattoo artists, graphic designers and more. We’re excited to be selling Curbside’s designs in our 125 stores spread across the country, and can’t wait to see our customers’ response to these unique designs! We wanted to learn more about the story of this company, so we interviewedAdam Hogan, the founder of Curbside.

Curbside Clothing Tee at Earthbound Curbside Clothing Tee at Earthbound

Q: Tell us a little about the history of your company.

A: Curbside is an Omaha, Nebraska based brand that grew from the hunger of world travel, cultural immersion, and a lifelong passion for creativity.

In 2006, I decided to quit my 9 to 5 job and spontaneously purchase a few international plane tickets. After traveling 4 continents and finishing art school, I created Curbside as a form of creative expression. A few months later, with a portfolio of 20 designs, Shane and I launched from my apartment. After some online growth and pop up shop success, we knew it was time to grow.

In 2011, we opened our Curbside shop in Omaha’s historic Old Market District. Omaha is rich with creative culture and we wanted to show that off. We covered our walls with local art and began hosting events. Eventually we began collaborating with talented local creatives, and a Curbside family began to form. What started as a creative project grew into a community of artists, visually communicating through original art, and using clothing as a canvas.

In 2012, we converted an old bread factory into a print shop and creative studio. This allowed us a space to get our hands dirty and experiment with different design and print applications.

In 2013, we decided it was time to introduce Curbside to a larger market, and since then, our brand has really begun to grow.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Q: What’s the meaning behind your company’s name?

A: While traveling, I was pulled into the culture and local life of every city and town. I constantly found myself drawing in sidewalk cafes, shopping at local markets, waiting in bus and train stops, exploring urban and rural environments; I was always on the curbside. The curbside became the common thread; the pulse and culture of each community.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Q: How many artists and other staff members make up your team?

A: There are currently 7 staff members, 8 artists (3 of whom are staff members), and 6 guest artists.

Spotlight on Curbside Clothing

Q: Do you design and print everything in house at Curbside Clothing?

A: We do all design in-house and print almost everything ourselves. However, when orders get large, we have some good friends with fancy robots.

Q: What’s your favorite Curbside tee that we’re now carrying at Earthbound?

A: I’d have to say “Awake”, by Gerard Pefung, I love the depth and detail of the elephant, plus the explosive colors and street art texture make it jump off the t shirt.

"Awake" Curbside Clothing Tee at Earthbound

Q: Is there a story behind that tee’s design?

A: Born in Cameroon, Gerard grew up being exposed to the rich traditions and culture of West Africa. Symbolizing strength, honor, stability and patience, the elephant is a great representation of who Gerard is, as a person and an artist.

EB Fashion Blogger: U LA LA

Our newest guest blogger post comes from the fabulous team of ladies at U lala.  U lala is a fashion and lifestyle blog focused on the college-aged girl. They put together a fall look that is at once perfectly Earthbound and perfectly college-chic.

In their own words: “At U lala, we celebrate the kind of girl who oozes individuality, who lets her style tell her story, and who wears clothes as one-of-a-kind as her free spirit. In short—a girl who is decked head-to-toe in Earthbound Trading Co. She’s so adventurous, spirited and worldly that we can’t help but be reminded of the powerful women of the 1960’s. For our shoot, we were inspired by the blossoming trends of fashion’s most revolutionary decade and the confidence of the women who wore them. For the look we chose a swingy tie-dye tunic we styled as a dress, fit for any field-frolicking flower child, a felt hat that just screams Janis Joplin, knee-high leather boots with DIY lace socks and two oversized stone rings for a nod to mother nature. Matched with long-flowing locks and a fresh-faced glow, our model Emily encapsulates the casual-glamour of the 1960’s decade that we adore so much.”

U lala Guest Blog Post

U lala Guest Blog Post

U lala Guest Blogger Post

We’ll leave you with a few more shots from U lala’s look.  We love what they put together!

U lala Guest Blog

U lala Guest Blog

U lala Guest Blog