Buyer Adventures: FOOD!

Food can be quite an adventure for our buyers as they travel the globe. Our buyers hail from the Midwest and the South (plus one fellow from Brazil), so the cuisine they encounter in Asia is quite a stretch from what they were raised on at home. But hey, adventure is half of what the buyers’ job is about! Here’s Shannon, our Jewelry Buyer, with her most memorable food experiences!

Here are some of my favorite buying trip food moments:

Buyer Adventures: Thai Street Soup

Buyer Adventures: Hong Kong Carrot Soup
The best Thai street soup ever! Yum!! /// The tastiest carrot soup in Hong Kong. I was ready for trend shopping after that one!

Buyer Adventures: Indian Food in Agra

Buyer Adventures: Indian Appetizers in Jaipur
Yummy Indian food in Agra. /// Delicious Indian appetizers atop a massive fort in Jaipur!

Buyer Adventures: Thai Salad

Buyer Adventures: A Thailand Feast
The best Thai salad I’ve ever had! /// A huge feast in Thailand.

Buyer Adventures: Bali Street Stew

Buyer Adventures: Chicken Feet!
Street stew in Bali? Not sure what it’s really called… /// Mmm, fried chicken feet!

Buyer Adventures: NYC Deli Food

Buyer Adventures: Bangkok Dried Squid
NYC deli food rules! /// I admit I didn’t eat this, but it’s memorable! I think it’s dried squid; it was in a Bangkok market.

Buyer Adventures: Fried Scorpions in China

Buyer Adventures: Kathmandu Butcher
Fried scorpions in China. Yuck. /// Butcher on the streets of Kathmandu. No thanks!

I’ve had some great food over the years traveling around the globe. I cannot wait to hit up Vietnam for some REAL PHO!

Peace out! -Shannon