Oh the Possibilities!

Just because summer is near, it doesn’t mean we can’t break out a scarf! The scarf we are featuring today is lightweight and comes in a chevron-like pattern with plenty of cool blue hues. Its versatility makes it an easy go-to option when trying to complete an outfit or transition between seasons.

This scarf has a total of three openings: one on each end and one center hole between the models’ hands.

Simply put your arm through the center hole and then through one of the end holes, like if you were putting on a jacket. Then just put the other arm through and voila! A simple and lightweight shawl that can be paired with a tank or dress for summer.


If you’re into the ease of an infinity scarf, place your head through each side of the end holes. Due to the shape of the scarf, the extra fabric will lay in a graduated style.

Or, wear it like a traditional scarf with a single toss of an end over the shoulder.

Boho is Back

Behold! Bohemian is back in style for another season and since we are Earthbound, we couldn’t be more excited to have our roots trending again. These new looks embody everything we love about the haute hippie vibe, like far out patterns and bold hues. And since boho is all about being true to yourself and your own style, there is so much room to get adventurous with accessories and hair styles too. Pair one of our headbands with bouncy and flirty boho waves or go all out by adding flowers to braids. Also, don’t forget to add one of boho’s best friend: fringe!! We’ve got plenty of purses, including the crossbody bag with beads, layered with the one and only flirty fringe.

Here’s what we are dreamn’ of this season:


Aqua Aviator Flower Sunglasses

Hearts Stacked Sunglasses

Metal Lattice Wing Sunglasses

Crossbody Bag with Beads – SHOP ONLINE

Floral Hand Bags

Coral Paisley Jumper – SHOP ONLINE

Multi Colored Kimono – SHOP ONLINE

Embroidered Indigo Top/ Dress – SHOP ONLINE 

This is just a taste of things to come from EB this year. We have tons of pieces with floral patterns and paisley designs that will be hitting stores as well as long dresses, like this Teal Ruffle Maxi Dress.

Keep dreamn’, friends!

Our Defense Against the Same ‘Ol Military Trend

Attention EB lovers! The military look seems to get dispatched by the fashion gurus every couple of years or so. As the trend evolves, designers and brands push ahead to make the look their own. At EB, we tend to gravitate toward earth tones, like army green, so mixing in our pieces is easier than saying, “Sir, yes sir!”

What you need in your arsenal:

Olive Barcelona Pants – SHOP ONLINE

Charcoal Scarf with Black fringe

Woven Leather Buckle Bracelet

Mint Wooden Bracelet – SHOP ONLINE

Woven Bracelets

Braided Headbands

Marbled Headband

Our mission is to make executing trends a breeze for our customers. Simply mix in staple items like a white t-shirt and jeans or throw on a khaki and denim jacket with one of our scarves.

Now you’re locked and loaded and ready to hit the streets!

*Please check with your local Earthbound on stock. Some stores may be out of certain styles.*

DIY: Summer Succulent Garden


Whether you have a naturally green thumb or you just got some green paint on your thumb, this project combines gardening with crafting to make the perfect summer windowsill eye-candy!


succulent garden materials

1 – Cacti, succulents or other low-watering plants. It’s best not to mix plants from different types of environments –  for example mosses, which need a moist environment vs succulents, which live in an arid climate.

2 – Terra Cotta Pots  – look for ones with price tag stickers on the bottom as the stickers leave a residue.

3 – Cacti and Succulent potting mix.

3 – Painter’s Masking Tape – It’s best to look for good quality painter’s masking tape, as it will block paint and peel off most easily.

4 – Acrylic Craft Paint

5 – Foam Brushes

6 – Scissors, Ruler, Pen

7 – Accessories – plastic toys, doll house or train table accessories


1 – Cut tape into thin strips, chevrons or simple pictures. See below for some examples-


2 – Place tape on pots. Painter’s masking tape can be easily peeled off and adjusted as needed. Press down the edges firmly to block paint.

3 – Use foam brushes to paint 2-3 coats of acrylic paint over the entire pot. It’s easiest to hold the pot upside down over one hand. When painting, lay down thin layers and allow them to dry fully. Thick layers of paint can be too goopy and take longer to dry. If you paint over damp layers, the brush can pull of the existing paint.

4 – Allow the pot to dry fully, about an hour. Paint your accessories while your pots dry.

painting accessories

painting the pots
5 – Using a finger nail, pen tip, or other fine tool, pull back on the edge of a piece of painter’s tape. Remove each piece, careful not to peel off the paint.

peeling the tape off
6 –Fill pots ¼ full of cacti potting mix, then place cacti or succulents in pot and fill in area around plants with more mix.
7 – Place painted accessories in strategically cute places.

finished 1

finished 2

DIY: Homemade Bird Feeder

Birdfeeder 1

We’re ready for Spring and sunshine and iced drinks on the porch, listening to birds sing and watching squirrels frolic! We want to get the bird singing started, by making a bird feeder to attract a backyard show!



-Birdseed – go for a mix with smaller particles, with no peanuts still in their shells; sunflower seeds, millet, & corn bits are all good.
-Gelatin – 2 packs, ¼ oz each (the box usually comes with 4 packs).
-Cookie Cutters – large, simple shapes work best.
-Straw – cut the straw into 2”-3” sections, a little longer than the depth of your cookie cutter
-Aluminum Foil
-Non-stick Cooking Spray
-Hot Water

1 – Add 2 packs of gelatin to ½ cup of cold water. Stir it and allow it to sit and dissolve for a little while.

2 – Add ¾ cup of hot water to the gelatin + water mix.

3 – Add 2 cups of birdseed, then stir to coat the birdseed in the gelatin mix.

4 – Spray the cookie cutter with non-stick cooking spray, and place on a sheet of aluminum foil. It worked best for us sitting in a shallow bowl or small plate.

Birdseed Mix Birdseed Cookie Cutter

5 – Pack the birdseed into the cookie cutter fairly firmly. You want enough liquid to act as a glue to hold the seed together, but you want the majority of the content to be solid material.

6 – Use the straw to clear a small hole in the birdfeed. You’ll leave the straw in to displace the seed so it will pop out easily later.

7 – Put the whole shebang in the freezer for a few hours (this is where having the foil in a bowl or on top of a plate helps).

Insert Straw Put in Freezer

8 – Remove the bird feeder from the freezer so it will thaw. When it’s thawed, the cookie cutter and straw will easily slide off the solidified bird feeder. You may need a toothpick or pen tip to pop the remaining seed from the hole made by the straw.

Thawed Tie on Twine

9 – Tie a loop of twine through the hole, and hang somewhere the birds can perch and enjoy!


DIY: Skirt to Palazzo Pants

Here at Earthbound, we love the idea of repurposing. With a little inspiration from EB lover @modmodesty, we decided to put together a simple “how to” on turning an old skirt into a pair of funky Palazzo pants. So get those pins and scissors ready!

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants by @modmodesty  DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants by Earthbound

What you will need:
-Maxi skirt
-Measuring tape
-Sewing machine*

*Note: with a little more time and patience, this DIY can easily be done by hand with a basic needle and thread.

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants

Step 1:
Measure your inseam with a measuring tape, being sure to leave a little extra room at the crotch seam. Make sure you try the skirt on with your inseam pinned together. Adjust as necessary. Remember: you can always bring the seam up more to fit, but once you have cut too high you can’t go back.

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants 

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants

Step 2:
Pin down the center of your skirt, making sure to keep the line completely straight.

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants

Step 3:
Carefully cut along the length of the pins.

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants

Step 4:
Turn inside out and pin down both sides of the pant legs.

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants

Step 5:
Now you are ready to sew! Be sure to test drive your machine on a piece of scrap fabric to ensure all settings are correct. Sew up one pant leg, rounding at the crotch seam. Our fabric was quite thin, so we were sure to reinforce the crotch by backstitching a couple of times, then continuing down the other pant leg.

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants

Step 6:
Rock your new pants and brag to everyone that YOU MADE THEM!

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants

DIY Skirt to Palazzo Pants

DIY: Carved Pumpkins, Day of the Dead Style!


We’re getting excited about fall weather and fall holidays here at Earthbound! In typical EB fashion we’re celebrating not just Halloween but the Mexican traditions of the Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos. On November 1st and 2nd, many families will visit churches and cemeteries to remember their lost loved ones. They will make traditional gifts of sugar skulls, candied pumpkin, and pan de muerto (bread of the dead).

Follow along with our Do-It-Yourself sugar skull pumpkin carving project and celebrate with us!

Set of 3 Large Templates (7.5″x7.5″)
Set of 3 Small Templates (5″x5″)


1- pumpkin – After carving our small pumpkins we concluded that larger pumpkins are easier for this project!

2- pumpkin carving kit or set of tools – We used an x-acto knife and linoleum carving tools ($7.42 from Dick Blick art supply) but there are many (many!) cheap pumpkin carving kits with mini saws and hole punches at your local grocery or party supply store.

3- black sharpie.

4- clear tape – nothing heavy duty, you just want to hold your stencil down.

5- x-acto knife or fine-tip scissors  –  just pick whichever you will find easier for cutting fine detail.

6- stencil (and access to a printer to print it) – there are many to choose from online, or you can print one of ours!

7- tealight candle.


1- Prepare your pumpkin! Cut the top off and scrape out the guts and seeds. We found it looks best to have the edge of the “lid” as far from the carving area as feasible, rather than being centered on the stem.

2- Print out the stencil you need according to the size of your pumpkin – We printed ours on cardstock so they would be a little more sturdy.

3- Cut out black areas on the stencil with x-acto knife or scissors.

4- Tape the stencil onto your pumpkin. The design will be more visible at a distance if the face is higher, rather than lower on the pumpkin.

5- Outline the cut out areas in the stencil in sharpie – Since you’re using a flat stencil on a round surface you may need to hold your stencil against the surface of the pumpkin as you trace.

6- Remove the stencil and begin carving! Remember that your sharpie lines were all drawn in the inside of the stencil holes, so you can carve just outside of the sharpie lines. Otherwise follow any specific instructions on your carving kit. Thinning the wall of the pumpkin where you are planning to carve from the inside may be helpful for thicker pumpkins.

7- When you are finished carving, light your tealight candle and lower it into the pumpkin. Tongs may be useful for this!

8- Turn off the lights, oooh and ahhh.

Style a Turban with a Scarf

Square Scarf Turban

Rectangular Scarf Turban

Learn how to style these adorable turbans with nothing but your favorite scarf! For this first turban, you can use any rectangular scarf (we have plenty to choose from in our stores).

Rectangular Scarf - Step 1

1. Center the scarf on the back of your head.

Rectangular Scarf - Step 2

2. Wrap the ends high across your forehead and twist them in the center.

Rectangular Scarf - Step 3

3. Wrap the scarf toward the back of your head, keeping the twist in front tight.

Rectangular Scarf - Step 4

4. Tie the scarf tight in the back.

Rectangular Scarf - Finished!

You’re all done! Go out and rock this cute and easy look.

Rectangular Scarf - Side View

It’s fun from all angles!


This next turban requires a square scarf.

Square Scarf - Step 1

1. Fold the scarf in half diagonally. Pick up the scarf at the fold, and drape the middle corner across your forehead.

Square Scarf - Step 2

2. Wrap the ends across your forehead.

Square Scarf - Step 3

3. Twist!

Square Scarf - Step 4

4. Wrap the ends around to the back of your head and tie a knot.

Square Scarf - Step 5

5. Hide the ends by tucking them in.

Square Scarf - Step 6

6. Tuck that remaining bit in front over the twist.

Square Scarf - Finished!