Happy National Dog Day from our Two-Legged & Four-Legged Friends

Every Friday at Earthbound Trading Co.’s home office in Grapevine, Texas, we get to start the party early and bring our furry kids to work with us! After the weekly grind, we’re in desperate need of wet puppy kisses and tons of cuddles to ease us into the weekend. At Earthbound, our pets aren’t just animals with cute faces. They’re a part of the family. That’s why we’re constantly working to bring attention to dogs in need. We know a lot of dogs out there aren’t as lucky as our own.

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You’ve Got to be Kitten Me! It’s Adopt a Cat Month

As we head into the summer months, many shelters are overwhelmend with new kittens as well as older cats. When looking for a new feline friend, it’s important to remember shelters are a great place to start. They’re often overwhelmed and overpopulated so not only will you be making a positive impact, you’ll also have a good selection to choose from. Peruse around adoption sites like PetFinder.com to see if you can spot any matches. But before you scoop up your new furry family member, consider these questions from the American Humane Society.
1. Why Not Both?

Although they may be more independent than dogs, cats still need plenty of social interaction and exercise. If you’re away from home for long periods of time, consider getting two cats so they can keep eachother entertained.

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2. Two Peas in a Pod

Cats have unique personalities just like us. Find one that matches your lifestyle. Cats with long hair and round heads and bodies tend to be more laidback and chill.  If you want one with more spunk and energy, look for leaner cats with narrow heads and short hair.

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3. An Apple a Day

It’s important to schedule your feline friend for a vet visit as soon as you adopt her. Just like human babies, kittens are more susceptible to disease. If you’re adopting an older cat, she still needs to be checked out ASAP. They may be scared to get in the car or their cage but it really is vital to their health and your family’s.

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4. Dolla Dolla Bills Ya’ll

A cat from a shelther may be cheap or even free, but keep in mind they still require litter, food, neutering/spaying, and any other medical need that may come up. If you can’t afford these expenses, a cat is probably not the best option.

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5. Cat Proof

Cats are naturally curious creatures and that’s part of the reason why we love them. It’s ideal to keep them in a single room with food, bedding, toys and litter box until they seem comfortable in their new home. Make sure you remove small items they could choke on or dangerous items they could play with, like loose electrical cords.

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6. Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Best Friend

If you have other pets, remember to be careful when you introduce them to eachother. If you already have a dog, make sure he gets along with cats before you bring one home. Once everyone is settled and comfortable, social interaction is key to a happy family.

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7. Gift that Keeps on Giving

Looking to get a cat for a friend or a family member? Make sure everyone in the household is on board with the decision. Taking care of another animal is a huge responsibility and it’s important the future caretaker is a part of the adoption process.

Source: Elephant Journal

Note: Don’t wrap your new friend in wrapping paper. It’s not a burrito.

The Pets of Earthbound

We’re super excited about our new Pet Portraits line of 18″ x 18″ canvas wall art! Of course, these are the pets of 4 of us here at the Earthbound office, so we might be a little biased. There’s a bit of a running debate over whose pet will end up on the most walls across the country. What do you say? Which dog or cat is heading home with you on canvas art? Read more about Scarlett, Snoop, Trajan and Cappie to help you pick! At $14.97 each, why not take them all home?


Scarlett - Chihuahua Canvas Art

Scarlett - Chihuahua

Scarlett is a nine-year-old Chihuahua living in Texas, but she’s originally from Florida. She is named after Scarlett O’Hara from “Gone with the Wind”. Most people call her Scar-Jo, Chi-Chi or Chuppy (short for Chupacabra).

Scarlett loves to show off her toy collection by taking each toy out of its home and then parading it around for all to see. Look but don’t touch though, because she doesn’t do “fetch”! She also loves laying in the sun and rolling in anything that smells bad. Her absolute favorite thing to do is snuggle, especially when there’s a blanket!

Scarlett grew up idolizing the greats like Gidget, the Taco Bell Chihuahua, and Ren, from Ren and Stempy. When asked what it meant to her to be part of Earthbound’s canvas wall art collection and to potentially gain Chihuahua stardom… she paused, gazed up to the heavens, shed a single tear and said, “I guess dreams do come true.”

P.S. Yes, she’s aware she has a giant tooth that sticks out. No, you cannot use it as a bottle/can opener.


Snoop - Cat Canvas Art

Snoop - Cat

Snoop (a.k.a Snoop Doggy Dogg) is an American Shorthair hailing from Austin, Texas. He currently weighs in at 17 lbs and maintains his fighting weight with frequent laser pointer chases. He is 0-4 and his next match is August 1st with the cheeky Russian Blue two houses over.

When not in training, Snoop enjoys the finer points of furniture design and is well-known for his unique, upholstery shredding technique. A Taurus with Capricorn rising, there is nothing better to Snoop than a relaxing night at home with a little catnip.

Snoop is very happy to be featured in Earthbound’s cool, new line of Pet Portraits. On the question of which will sell better: cat or dog portraits, Snoop was quoted as saying, “Plz cee tha internetz. Kthxbai.”

P.S. As you may have already deduced, Snoop Dogg’s name is somewhat misleading. In reality, his favorite rappers are Sir Dzl and Q-Tip.


Trajan - Great Dane Canvas Art

Trajan - Great Dane

Trajan is a middle-aged, blue Great Dane, who would like it very much if you would stop trying to cuddle with him while he sleeps on his twin size mattress. Sleeping is serious business where Great Danes are concerned. Trajan originally hails from Missouri, and his name hails from Rome. At about 150 pounds, Trajan outweighs most of the residents of his home in Suburbia, Texas. He loves resting all 150 pounds on the back of his humans’ legs, and seeing if they’ll collapse.

Trajan spends his days sleeping, waking the humans up very eagerly, having all of his toys stolen by a bully Great Dane/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Gus, sleeping, playing tug-of-war with Gus, sleeping, staring at the very harried cat who stays out of his reach, playing tug-of-war with a human, sleeping, conning the humans into providing belly rubs, barking at potential threats like people walking on the sidewalk, eating, sleeping and grooming his duck stuffed animal (the only toy he won’t allow Gus to steal).

Trajan was asked for a comment on how he feels about his canvas art debut, but he rolled over and went back to sleep. His humans are undeniably excited though.


Cappie - Pekingese Canvas Art

Cappie - Pekingese

Ms. Caprica Liu Chu, aka Cappiechu, aka Cappie is a three year old Pekingese living in Dallas, TX with her owners Joey & Justin. She is quite the happy, fluffy, perky little peke. Her day pretty much is dominated by napping, playing with stuffed toys that look like mice, and chewing on her rawhide bone. She loves to grab the toy mice by the tail and throw them around in the air. It’s really quite entertaining to watch.

We believe Cappie was a cat in another life. She enjoys sitting in the window sill watching everything go by and of course playing with “mice”. Bath time is a real treat because she gets the hair dryer afterwards. That’s pretty much the highlight of the week for her…letting her luxurious hair blow around. You can follow Cappie on Instagram @cappiechu where she is pretty much a big deal.

She is quite proud to be immortalized on canvas by Earthbound Trading Co. and cannot wait to be hanging in every home in America!