Earthbound Office Style

Yesterday, we caught several ladies in the Earthbound office wearing past or current Earthbound styles. It’s always fun to see how our garments and accessories get worn in the “real world”! These seven ladies each purchased much of her outfit from the same store and wore it to the same place on the same day, but every one has her own sense of style that shines through.

Can you tell by their attire that Fall weather hasn’t quite struck Dallas, Texas yet? Still, it’s no longer quite Summer, so boots and layers are beginning to make an appearance!

Earthbound's Accessories Buyer Office Style

Earthbound's Payroll Assistant Office Style

Earthbound's Photographer Office Style

Earthbound's Recruiter Office Style

Earthbound's Accounting Office Style

Earthbound's Recruiter Office Style

Earthbound's Clothing Buyer Office Style

Thanks to these Earthbound chicas for showing off their style on the blog! How do you wear your Earthbound attire? Show us on instagram with the tag #earthbound!

Scenes from the Earthbound Office


Some beautiful textiles in our accessories buyer’s office!

Inspiration Board

She has a great inspiration board too.


Our home goods buyer likes to keep track of the places he’s traveled.


Office Decor

Unique product samples tend to make their way into our office decor!


Flowers from our last photo shoot are drying in our jewelry buyer’s office! Beauuutiful!


No office is complete without some LOLcats. This is a proven fact.