Travel Tips with Tabitha

At Earthbound Trading Co., we employees practice what we preach. We are true nomads at heart and have a thirst for exploration and adventure. When we’re curious about traveling to a new land or planning a getaway, we don’t just hit up Google. We call up our in-house experienced explorers, like District Manager, Tabitha Britton. Continue reading “Travel Tips with Tabitha”

Top 5 Reasons to Start Journaling

Light incense – or make a drink. Or do both. Take a breath, grab a journal, and just start writing. There is something raw about writing down your thoughts in a physical journal as opposed to a blog. Ideas spill on to paper and there isn’t an easy way to punch a key to delete them. What you write is real, it’s tangible, and you can even see the emotion in the manuscript depending on the mood. If you’re angry, you may notice the pages curl from furiously pressing your pen down. If you’re excited, maybe your words appear rushed because you can’t contain what you’re feeling. So why should you start this simple act? The benefits are huge. Let’s look at how:
1. Helps Achieve Goals

Writing down thoughts and ideas forces you to visualize what you want from your future self. It provides a timeline you can measure and track day by day. Reviewing your progress is as simple as flipping through the pages and seeing your goals transform into reality. It holds you accountable and reminds you that yes, there will be days you fall but there will also be days you succeed. You learn to take the good with the bad and that it’s just a part of the process.

2. Improves Relationships

Have you ever said something to a friend, family member, or significant other you deeply regret? Word vomit is real and a journal is the trash bag we so desperately need. Instead of instantly reacting when something happens, take time to write it ALL out on paper. Write out what happened and how it makes you feel. Even write out what you hate about the person or situation. It may sound harsh, but it allows you to express yourself in private, gather your thoughts, and come up with something constructive to say so feelings aren’t hurt and resolutions are achieved.

3. It’s a Stress Reliever

According to the Journal of Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, spending 15-20 min. a couple of times a week can greatly reduce stress and emotional events. It allows you to focus on what you’re thinking and helps you recount the event so it becomes more clear, more like a narrative – and less of a cloud of emotion.

4. Encourages Gratitude

Due to our 24-hour news cycle and fast-paced lifestyle, we hardly take time to reflect. There’s a lot going on in the world and we constantly have negative things being thrown at us from every direction. Taking time to write out just a few simple things we are thankful for can make us feel warm and fuzzy instead of bogged down and helpless. It really is the little things in life that keep us going.
5. Removes Judgment

We are always connected. Whether it’s through social media or an article online, our society is constantly spitting out information, waiting to be chewed up by a human behind a screen. A journal is a space where you can completely let go and be yourself. You don’t have to worry about someone judging you for an opinion or mocking you for a belief. It’s a way to build up your confidence and self-esteem from within, instead of through a list of “friends”.

You have to love yourself because no amount of love from others is sufficient to fill the yearning that your soul requires from you. – Dodinsky

Have you seen benefits from journaling and writing down your thoughts? What do you like to write about?

Get started with one of our unique journal options

Destination: Organization

We love the sight of a sandy beach, the bustling sounds of a new destination, and the exotic smells of unknown foods. There’s something about the first encounter with a new place that makes the long car rides, hours in the airport, and early morning wake up call all worth it.

We yearn for the unknown. And getting there is half the battle. Or the journey. Depending on if you’re a half glass full or half glass empty kind of person. Either way, keeping yourself organized is vital to your sanity and ease of travel.


Stand out in the crowd and express yourself with fun – and useful – travel accessories from our new Travel line:Destination Uknown. These pieces are meant to keep you organized so you can focus on catching that next flight!

Multi Color Travel Duffel Bag
– carry by hand or use the adjustable straps to wear it on the shoulder. Perfect carry-on companion

Rainbow Travel Handle Wrap – unique patterns and colors wrap around your suitcase handle to make it stand out in a crowded airport.

Rainbow Travel Tag – Made in Guatemala and and makes your bag easy to identify.

Stamp Passport Cover – Made from super strong, durable, tear and water resistant, Tryvek.

Paisley Laundry Bag – By the end of the day, you won’t remember what’s clean and what’s not. Save time and money on washing clothes by keeping the dirty separate from the clean.

Don’t forget to tag us on social media with #earthboundtrading on your next adventure!

Boho is Back

Behold! Bohemian is back in style for another season and since we are Earthbound, we couldn’t be more excited to have our roots trending again. These new looks embody everything we love about the haute hippie vibe, like far out patterns and bold hues. And since boho is all about being true to yourself and your own style, there is so much room to get adventurous with accessories and hair styles too. Pair one of our headbands with bouncy and flirty boho waves or go all out by adding flowers to braids. Also, don’t forget to add one of boho’s best friend: fringe!! We’ve got plenty of purses, including the crossbody bag with beads, layered with the one and only flirty fringe.

Here’s what we are dreamn’ of this season:


Aqua Aviator Flower Sunglasses

Hearts Stacked Sunglasses

Metal Lattice Wing Sunglasses

Crossbody Bag with Beads – SHOP ONLINE

Floral Hand Bags

Coral Paisley Jumper – SHOP ONLINE

Multi Colored Kimono – SHOP ONLINE

Embroidered Indigo Top/ Dress – SHOP ONLINE 

This is just a taste of things to come from EB this year. We have tons of pieces with floral patterns and paisley designs that will be hitting stores as well as long dresses, like this Teal Ruffle Maxi Dress.

Keep dreamn’, friends!

Our Defense Against the Same ‘Ol Military Trend

Attention EB lovers! The military look seems to get dispatched by the fashion gurus every couple of years or so. As the trend evolves, designers and brands push ahead to make the look their own. At EB, we tend to gravitate toward earth tones, like army green, so mixing in our pieces is easier than saying, “Sir, yes sir!”

What you need in your arsenal:

Olive Barcelona Pants – SHOP ONLINE

Charcoal Scarf with Black fringe

Woven Leather Buckle Bracelet

Mint Wooden Bracelet – SHOP ONLINE

Woven Bracelets

Braided Headbands

Marbled Headband

Our mission is to make executing trends a breeze for our customers. Simply mix in staple items like a white t-shirt and jeans or throw on a khaki and denim jacket with one of our scarves.

Now you’re locked and loaded and ready to hit the streets!

*Please check with your local Earthbound on stock. Some stores may be out of certain styles.*

EB Fashion Blogger for December: U LALA

The lovely ladies at U lala partnered with EB for a second great look!

In their own words:

We thank our lucky stars for whoever made the boho look a thing, because with clothing this chic, comfortable and unique—there’s no way we’ll ever grow out of our love for the look. (Yes, that’ll be us one day rocking the silk turban and jingling all the way to bingo with a wrist full of Earthbound bangles.)

For this look we stuck to the basics that every boho goddess has made the staples of her wardrobe: breezy bottoms, relaxed tops and tons of fun accessories. We knotted a relaxed graphic tee and paired it with a colorful tassel necklace for a combo of eclectic charm and individuality. At Earthbound Trading Co., &, we know girls aren’t meant to look like the mannequin; pops of personality are what style is all about. And to prove that point a little further, we just had to add a to-die-for hand chain and a stack of colorful friendship bracelets. (If that ring/bracelet doesn’t get you some serious boho street cred, we don’t know what will.)

Choosing bottoms can get tricky, but this elastic waist and subtle pattern was a no-brainer. High-waisted pants that are as comfortable as they are flattering give you the allusion of mile-high legs (even if you are 5’2”). Can you say cha-ching? And we ended our look with the cardinal rule of looking cool: always top it off with an “I-just-threw-this-on-and-look-casually-fabulous” beanie. Trust us, it’s the perfect chill-girl accessory/bad hair day cover up.

U lala December Guest Blog!

U lala December Guest Blog!

U lala December Guest Blog!

U lala December Guest Blog!

[*Interested in becoming an Earthbound fashion blogger? Send a link to your blog and a little something about yourself to]